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  • Quite simply we are one of the best local tour operator for Peru adventure tours. We organize everything for you and can show you the wonders of Peru like no-one else. Our greatest strength is our staff, our highly experienced local field staff, have a reputation for customer service and fun. They are professionals and they will make sure that your trips and activities are exciting and yet safe.

    River Explorers is your guarantee for:

    Well organized tours from a Peruvian born who knows Peru better than anyone else.
    Cusco, Machu Picchu, Lake Titcaca – and other amazing highlights.
     The best individual & groups, tailor made tours programs.
    Traveling in small groups with local knowledgeable guides.

    We can customize every one of our adventure tours, to meet your need and to fulfill your dreams.

    We can help you to explore spectacular Inca archaeological sites and experience Peruvian cultural traditions, history and landscape. RIVER EXPLORERS’ organizes environmentally aware adventure trips.

  • Special adventure tours

    A new trend in tourism has been apparent in recent years. People are traveling in new ways and they want authentic experiences. We know what our customers want, and we can give you that authentic experience that you seek.  After great efforts we have created tours that involves meeting the locals.  You will experience a different culture when meet with locals and learn about local lifestyles. We offer you a great physical, intellectual and emotional experiences.

    Machu Picchu

    Machu Picchu adventure trips

    When you visit Peru, you must see Machu Picchu. It is a true wonder of the world.

    Machu Picchu is built in among the Andean mountains and the Amazon rain forest. This place lies between two parallel faults proximal to the two surrounding mountains. There is nothing like it anywhere.  The area around Machu Picchu is an exciting landscape with rivers for rafting, canyons, MTB and hiking trails perfect for adventure tours and trip activities. River Explorers helps you, on our unique and exclusive tours to explore this fantastic place.

    Machu Picchu tours are suitable for everyone. There are many options for the traveler and they can choose the Inca Trail, Salkantay trek, Lares Trek, Inca Jungle. You can also enjoy activities such as rafting or mountain biking.  We have customized itineraries to suits the needs for all visitors. This is what makes our travel trips so special.

    Inca Trails

    Inca Trail tours

    Hiking the Inca Trail: The Camino del Inca, is one of the world’s most exciting trail. We offer 2, 4 or 5-day trek that allow you to explore the astonishing Andean mountain passes, Inca ruins, magnificent cloud forest, and breathtaking mountain scenery. The trek is worth every effort because you can see Machu Picchu from several unique angles and the see the sun set over the ruins. The Inca Trail has is popular so, booking in advance is recommended.


    Cusco tours and activities

    Cusco is a beautiful city. It was the capital of the Incas and it was the “bellybutton of the world,” by the Incas.  Today, the city is a special mix of Spanish and indigenous civilizations. The special mestizo culture can be experienced in the buildings, food, crafts and Cusco’s daily life. As you wander the city you can have a special cultural experience as you witness the, traditions and customs of the city. Cuzco has retained its character, and this is what makes it so enjoyable for the visitor.

    Cusco, is the start your journey to Machu Picchu. It is River Explorers base, where we organize adventure tours and activities. Cusco is not only the gateway to Machu Pichu, from here you visit the Inca ruins of Ollantaytambo, Sacsayhuaman, Pisaq, Huchuy Qosqo and so much more.  The Andes can be explored from here and you can visit traditional villages, settings and enjoy a wide range of flowers and fauna.  The Andes offer amazing rain forests, canyons, rivers and valleys. If you are interesting hiking, biking and rafting this is for you. The area is famous for its adventure tours and attracts visitors from all over the globe.

    Authentic tourism

    Authentic tourism – Off the beaten path vacations

    Tourism is a very important industry in Cusco. There are many travel agencies, tour operators and even guides who sale travel packages to many destinations. It is easy to see why some think that tourists have taken over the city.  We understand this and that is why we have added new vacation itineraries. You want something different and we are here to make sure that you do!

    Tambopata Amazon river rafting 11 days

    The Tambopata river is one such hidden gem.  We offer a rafting tour, this is a one of a kind adventure. If you want to do something exciting, you must try our tour.

    On one of our Peru Tours, your adventure will begin in a remote area, a 12-hour drive from the nearest city.  You will experience a bus ride of some 4500 meters or 14,000 feet above sea level. The Tambopata River ecosystem is blessed with amazing flowers, plants, animals and birds. The river is great for rafting. Which is very exciting. The river banks are home to many rare species, these include giant river otters, black spider monkeys, anteater, the giant armadillo, the jaguar, pink river dolphin, the yellow-headed river turtle, the anaconda and many more. Be one of the few to see these animals in the wild.

    Apurimac Rafting tours

    The Apurimac rafting tours is another exciting experience and adventure that we provide.  The Apurimac is the source of, the Amazon.  This mighty river cuts Cusco and Apurimac regions in two, with more than 3000 meters – 9842.52 feet depth, this river is, ideal for rafting. Many say it is the greatest in the world.  The river will take you past many villages, waterfalls, beautiful trails leading into hundreds of challenging rapids and gorges, whose massive walls rise 1000 meters high. This we can guarantee will leave you breathless.

    We offer tour packages from 2 to 6 days. We recommend the 6-day tour it is a one of a kind adventure. This is one of the most exciting of our Peru Vacation Packages.


    Be one of the very few adventurers have experienced this trip.  The majestic Yavero River will take you from the astonishing 8000-foot-deep rain forest canyon to the heart of the Amazon. This river offers world class rafting. As you travel this river you will make you way past waterfalls and amazing plants, flowers and animals. Then in clearings you will come across jungle villages and farms. This tour also offers you visits to rarely visited ruins. You can either raft or stand-up and paddle. There is also a one-night stay at the Machiguenga native center of Matoriato. Then for even more excitement and adventure there is a hike to a volcano. We end your tour at the great Incan wonder, Machu Picchu.

    Off the beaten path Cusco to Machu Picchu

    We want you to have an authentic and exciting experience.  Our company offer the Cusco off the beaten path tour. This vacation is a combination of activities where you can meet the locals and escape the crowds of tourists. There is a trek to the Sacred Valley mountains reach the hot-spring near Lares.  Then we bike downhill to Quebrada Honda, a gentle set in the heart of a rain forest. After this we drive you to Quillabamba, here the wild waters of the Urubamba River offer outstanding rafting rapids. All the while you will be far away from tourists. Only when we hike to Machu Picchu will we see another tourist. You will feel like an explorer and not a tourist on our Peru Vacation Packages.

    The last part is an easy hike to Machu Picchu, where is the only place where you will see tourists. Our Peru Vacation Packages are authentic experiences.

    The Yanatile

    Yanatile River is a dream for experienced kayakers. However, there are sections that are suitable for even novices, even for families with children, with rapids levels of I, II and few III. We run tours for novices in two-man kayak, you will maneuver the boats. This is great fun and safe!  Here you can enjoy the jungle scenery and yet if you like you can visit the mountains. You can visit the Sacred Valley and go hiking and mountain biking. We offer you a change to combine all these adventures with a trip to majestic Machu Pichu. This is what is so special about our Peru Vacation Packages.

  • Top destinations

    Peru is a great and unspoiled destination.  It offers so much. Whether you want culture, heritage, scenery, actions, you can have it all in Peru. There is something for everyone in the country. From Coast to Andes, Mountains to Valleys, Lakes to Rivers, Canyons and Andean plateau, Peru has it all.  Below are some of the fantastic locations that you can visit as part of our Peru tour packages

    Ballestas Islands

    Marine National reserve of Ballestas Islands

    Ballestas Islands, often known as the Little Galapagos, is a special place, with a splendid environment, because of the Humboldt Current. As a result, the Ballestas Islands is rich in biodiversity. The islands are approximately 32 km – 20 miles away from Paracas harbor.

    The cold waters of the Humboldt current means that the islands have plankton in great abundance and this means that the waters are alive with fish such as sole, white toyo, bonito, tramboyos, dims, mero, pampanito, corvine, lornas, chitas and many others.  However, Ballestas Islands tour, is famous because the tourist can see dolphins. There are many Bottle-nose dolphins in the waters around the island. Imagine the photographs you could take!

    On the islands you can see and get close to sea lions, thousands of different kinds of birds. Here you can see the beautiful Humboldt penguin. Then there is guanay, the Peruvian booby, the Peruvian Pelican, Red-legged Cormorant or chuitas, Inca Terns and others. If you love nature and animals, you must visit these islands! Just another one of the exciting things to see on our Peru Tours.

    Nazca Lines

    The Nazca Lines

    If you want to do something different, why not head to Nazca lines. These mysterious lines are located on the Peruvian coastal some 20 km – 13 miles from Nazca city.  These lines were carved on the landscape of the Peruvian desert. These lines are visible from a great height, especially when the ground become a light brown color. The lines are of various designs and represent mysterious figures and animals. You will be astonished. Our Nazca tours includes flights over the lines, with English speaking guide on board. The photographs you can take will amaze your friends!

    Huacachina oasis

    Huacachina dessert

    The Huacachina oasis is like a magical setting in the Peruvian desert. In the midst of a sea of sand there is a magnificent lagoon sheltered by palm trees and dunes.  The dunes stretch to the horizon and they are up to 400 m – 1312 feet high. Here you can see magnificent views and feel as if you have let modern life behind.  It is perfect for relaxing and enjoy spectacular views of the sunset.  If you want some adventure here – no problem you can take part in, optional activities like sand-buggy driving, snowboarding and walking tours are available along the dunes. This is something you will not experience anywhere else in the world.

    Colca Canyon

    Colca Canyon – Arequipa

    On our Peru tours you can visit one of the world’s deepest canyons. This canyon is dissected by the Colca River that runs through the gorge from the Andes to the Pacific Ocean.  The canyon is at a depth of 3500 meters – 11482,94 feet depth.  If you want a real adventure you take our one to four-day hiking tour or maybe the more relaxed 2-day tour.

    We provide you with transportation, guide, accommodation and meals and visit to Cruz del Condor. Here you can see condors in full flight and see sights that very few have seen.

    Lake Titicaca

    Lake Titicaca Puno

    Another amazing sight is Titicaca, which is the world’s highest navigable lake. This is 195 km – 122 miles long and 55 km – 34 miles wide and rests between Peru and Bolivia.  Here you will see something special. The magnificent Uros floating islands, of Amantani and Taquile. You can have a one, half or 2-day home stay trips at Amantani. Here you can meet local people and a local family can   will share their customs and traditions, that are unchanged for centuries. Here you can experience life before modern times. On a Peru vacation tour, you can have so many adventures.


    Cusco region

    Cusco is a city that has it all, with its numerous archaeological sites, squares and historic buildings it is justly regarded as one of the most beautiful cities in Latin America.  There are spectacular mountains, lakes, valleys, canyons and the Amazon rain forest near the city. It is also an exciting place where you can go hiking, mountain biking, river rafting, walking and enjoy many other tours. No one gets bored in Cusco!

    Sacred Valley

    The Sacred Valley

    With our Peru Vacation Package, you can visit the Sacred Valley. This valley was beloved by the Inca Royal Families. With its pleasant climate and wonderful scenery, it is easy to see why. You can experience the valley and come to understand why the Incas loved this place. Here there are many splendid ruins. If you want some excitement there is plenty to do. There is Lares hiking, mountain biking, river rafting and you can take drives to explore the area from the valley to the rain forest.

    Machu Picchu

    Machu Picchu complex

    The Incas site is one of the wonders of the world. It is a majestic set of buildings located amidst some spectacular scenery. Machu Picchu was built a-top a mountain between the rain forest and the Andes. It was built to withstand earthquakes, flooding and other natural catastrophes.  You can select a one-day tour by bus and train or have 8 days hiking, there are also available multi-activity tours.

    On every Peru vacation package tour, you can visit Machu Picchu, either if is for one day or several days. We know that you will fall in love with Machu Picchu. When you visit the Incas masterpiece you know that you are on a trip of a lifetime. Just one of the great things to do on our Peru Vacation Package.

    Amazon jungle

    The Amazon rain forest

    Peru’s Amazon rainforest is perhaps the richest ecosystem on the planet. The southeastern jungle and its two principal protected areas, the Tambopata National Reserve and the Manu Biosphere Reserve, are perfect for unique rafting expeditions. You can raft and watch the Amazon forest unfold as you make your way down river. This is great for viewing wildlife and the estimated one-thousand species of birds. You can see flocks of macaws and parrots feeding. Then there are rare animals such as caimans, river otters, jaguars and tapirs. These and so much more are part of our Peru vacation packages.

    With our Peru Vacation packages, you can experience so many different things. On one of our Peru Tours you can relax, have adventures and explore.

  • Average Annual Temperature for Travel in Peru

    Peru is a nation that is located south of the Equator and has many different climates depending the location. These are a desert strip known as la Costa, that has moderate temperatures, then there is the Andean zone (La Sierra), which has the most varied temperatures of all Peru, this can be cold, temperate or frigid depending on the altitude. There is the eastern portion of the country which is densely forested and is known as (La Selva) and is part of Amazonia, it has a hot and humid climate all year round.

    There is not a real season where we can recommend you, with so much weather diversity Peru is open all year long for travel.  However, its important to know that the Inca Trails to Machu Picchu is closed during February for maintenance, but still Machu Picchu citadel is open for visitors. If you are looking for beach resorts the recommended time will be from November to April in Lima and South. All year long beach vacation are open in the Peruvian northern coast.

    The bellow descriptions cover the averages climate for the 3 main regions in Peru, these 3 regions are subdivided simultaneously into different sub-regions.

    More detailed information about the weather, click at Peru Climate


    • North: Piura Tumbes (Mancora)
    • South: Paracas, Ballestas Islands, Nazca


    • Cusco
    • Colca Canyon
    • Puno and Lake Titiaca
    • Sacred Valley
    • Machu Picchu


    • Tambopata
    • Manu
    • Quillbamba, Pongo the Mainique

    Average temperature for Peru tours

Hiking MTB and rafting to Machu Picchu 5 days
Cusco, City Tour, Sacred Valley, Machu Picchu (4 days)

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Peru Round Trips

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