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  • Overview

    River Explorers is a specialized local Peruvian tour operator dedicated to providing the best Peruvian tours the country has to offer. We pride ourselves on our diverse range of activities; and specifically design each tour to create the best possible experience, ensuring a once in a lifetime vacation.

    Quite simply we are the best local, tour operator for Peru travel packages. We organize everything for you and can show you the wonders of Peru like no-one else. Unlike big travel companies, who offer you boring packages we can offer you unique vacation packages. Our greatest strength is our staff, our highly experienced local field staff, have a reputation for customer service and fun. They are professionals and they will make sure that your trips and activities are exciting and yet safe.

    We customize every one of our Peru tour packages, to meet your need and to fulfill your dreams.

    See our fully customizable Peru vacations. We can help you to explore spectacular Inca archaeological sites and experience Peruvian cultural traditions, history and landscape. RIVER EXPLORERS’ organizes environmentally aware adventure trips.

  • Special Peru Tours & Travel Packages

    A new trend in tourism has been apparent in recent year. People are traveling in new ways and they want authentic experiences. We know what our customers want, and we can give you that authentic experience that you seek.  After great effort we has created tours that involves meeting the local community.  You will experience a different culture when meet with locals and learn about local lifestyles. We offer you a great physical, intellectual and emotional experience.

    Machu Picchu
    Inca Trails
    Authentic tourism
  • Top destinations

    Peru is a great and unspoiled destination.  It offers so much. Whether you want culture, heritage, scenery, actions, you can have it all in Peru. There is something for everyone in the country. From Coast to Andes, Mountains to Valleys, Lakes to Rivers, Canyons and Andean plateau, Peru has it all.  Below are some of the fantastic locations that you can visit as part of our Peru tour packages

    Ballestas Islands
    Nazca Lines
    Huacachina oasis
    Colca Canyon
    Lake Titicaca
    Sacred Valley
    Machu Picchu
    Amazon jungle
  • Average Annual Temperature for Travel in Peru

    Peru is a nation that is located south of the Equator and has many different climates depending the location. These are a desert strip known as la Costa, that has moderate temperatures, then there is the Andean zone (La Sierra), which has the most varied temperatures of all Peru, this can be cold, temperate or frigid depending on the altitude. There is the eastern portion of the country which is densely forested and is known as (La Selva) and is part of Amazonia, it has a hot and humid climate all year round.

    There is not a real season where we can recommend you, with so much weather diversity Peru is open all year long for travel.  However, its important to know that the Inca Trails to Machu Picchu is closed during February for maintenance, but still Machu Picchu citadel is open for visitors. If you are looking for beach resorts the recommended time will be from November to April in Lima and South. All year long beach vacation are open in the Peruvian northern coast.

    The bellow descriptions cover the averages climate for the 3 main regions in Peru, these 3 regions are subdivided simultaneously into different sub-regions.

    More detailed information about the weather, click at Peru Climate


    • North: Piura Tumbes (Mancora)
    • South: Paracas, Ballestas Islands, Nazca


    • Cusco
    • Colca Canyon
    • Puno and Lake Titiaca
    • Sacred Valley
    • Machu Picchu


    • Tambopata
    • Manu
    • Quillbamba, Pongo the Mainique
    RegionSub-regionAltitude (ASL) mt | ftClimateAvg. temp. Avg. prec.
    CoastNorth0-500 | 0-1640Semitropical24 °C – 75.2 °F200 mm
    Central-south0-500 | 0-1640Subtropical18 °C – 64.4 °F150 mm
    AndesYunga500-2500|1640-8202Temperate semi-dry20°C – 68 °F500 mm
    Quechua2500-3500|8202-11482Temperate dry15 °C – 59 °F700 mm
    Suni3500-4000|11482-13123Cold dry5 °C – 41 °F700 mm
    Puna4000-4800|13123-15748Frigid0 °C – 32 °F700 mm
    Janca4800-6746|15748-22132Glacier-3 °C – 26.6 °F———-
    JungleLowland80 – 600|262 – 1968Tropical25 °C – 77 °F2000 mm
    Highland600 – 1000|1968 – 3280Subtropical22 °C – 71.6 °F5000 mm
Hiking MTB and rafting to Machu Picchu 5 days
Cusco, City Tour, Sacred Valley, Machu Picchu (4 days)

Machu Picchu tours

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Lares Trek to Machu Picchu (4 days)
Salkantay hike to Machu Picchu (5 days)

Peru Round Trips

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From Machu Picchu to Mancora beach
Hiking, cultural and rafting 16 days
World's deepest canyon experience (6 days)
The less-explored section (3 days)

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River Explorers is a small agency specializing in travel excursions in Peru. With 25 years of experience guiding travelers from all over the world, we guarantee you will have the trip of a lifetime!

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