• Our Adventure Tours

    Peru adventure tours provides unique round trips between the coast, the Andes and the Amazon jungle, providing clients first class concerning to services, hotels and lodging, guiding, equipment and tour organization. These distinctly varied, multiple day adventure tours are designed to create an immersed enjoyment for the bountiful scenery, historically rich-cultural legacy, natural allure,  and impressive wildlife in settings like no other, along with in the best travel trips Peru has to offer.

  • Our Destinations

    Our packages are combined with exclusive tours to destinations that will leave you breathless. Included in this adventure tours are hiking to one of the most renowned trails in the world right now, The Inca Trail. This is not just a simple hike, its hard, exhausted and some time you wish never had booked this trip but its 1 million times reworded. The trail traverses different ecosystem and regions, start at the end of the Sacred Valley and crosses, villages, ruins and two mountain passes so then you can arrive to Machu Picchu.

    With its wild geography our country is the best place for Adventure tours such as mountain biking tours, hiking tours and one of the most recent and growing adventure activity is rafting in Peru’s rivers.

    Rafting the Apurimac River in Cusco is not popular among visitors but believe us, once inside this canyon you won’t ever will like to leave this place again. Unique and very old canyon cuts the Andean  mountains from the flat lands of the Altiplano to the jungle. This rivers offers world class rapids for beginners, intermediate and advanced, besides its incredible views the Apurimac is home for beautiful wild life.

    The Tambopata River is another amazing place to enjoy wild life in their on environment and is combined with lodging at he end of the tour. This tour last 11 days and is designed for the real adventurer.

Hiking, cultural and rafting 16 days
Apurimac rafting, Inca trail to Machu Picchu & Amazon mountain biking (15 days)
Lake Titicaca, Amazon jungle, Inca trail & Machu Picchu (15 days)