Are you looking for something extraordinary? something that only few people around the world arrive to experience this natural wonder, the Amazon tours, these are designed for the true adventurous and take place in the Southern Peruvian rain-forest, only accessible by boat, enjoy this 1 to 11 day tour into the wilds of the Amazon jungle and explore the unique wild life, amazing rapids and spectacular views.

Yavero River rafting: Amazon & Machu Picchu 11 days

Through The Lost Inca City of Paititi (11 days)
Yavero is our well-kept secret gem. In terms of biodiversity, weather, scenery, native culture and whitewater, this rafting expedition stands alone in the world of river-based adventure experiences.
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Lower Urubamba River – Rain Forest Rafting Vacation

The Undiscovered Rain-Forest 3 days
Rafting through jungle villages, twisted mountains, coffee, banana and coca leaf plantations in a warm climate with over 50 fun-filled rapids making this the ideal escape for your next adventure. Available for families friends and groups.
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Tambopata River Rafting – Amazon Peru Tour

Ultimate rafting trip to the Amazon Jungle (11 days)
A true expedition to one of the less-explored areas of the Amazon jungle. Experience great rapids, astonishing views of gardens and waterfalls, unique wildlife and magnificent overlooks of the rain forest down to the flat Amazon jungle.
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The Full Apurimac Canyon 6 days

The full canyon River trip (6 days)
One of the finest wilderness all-around rafting experiences in South America. Spectacular scenery, nice sandy beaches, hikes & thrilling Level IV-V rapids through the entire canyon
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