Code of Conduct Against the Exploitation of Children and Adolescents:

Code of Coduct

The Peruvian government has implemented a code of conduct to combat the exploitation of children and adolescents in tourism. Tour operators and hikers are required to adhere to this code, which includes reporting any suspicious activities or instances of exploitation to the authorities.

Legal Compliance

River Explorers complies with all relevant national and international laws and regulations related to the protection of children and adolescents. We actively support legislative efforts to strengthen child protection measures in the tourism industry.

Measures Taken Against ESNNA

As a responsible tour operator, River Explorers is committed to upholding a strict code of conduct to prevent and combat the exploitation of children and adolescents in tourism. Our commitment to this cause is unwavering, and we actively promote awareness, training, and enforcement of these principles among our staff, partners, and customers. Here’s an elaboration on the code of conduct that River Explorers adheres to:

Zero Tolerance Policy

We are implementing comprehensive training to help all staff members, including guides, porters, and administrative staff, recognize and respond to signs of child exploitation. This training covers relevant laws, protocols for reporting suspicions or incidents, and guidelines for appropriate behavior.

River Explorers maintains a zero-tolerance policy towards any form of exploitation or abuse of children and adolescents. We firmly believe that every child deserves protection and respect, and we are committed to preventing their exploitation in all our operations.
We promote the importance of responsible tourism and the prevention of child exploitation to our customers. We provide information about our commitment to child protection and encourage customers to report any concerns they may have during their travels.
We conduct thorough background checks on all staff and partners to ensure they have no history of involvement in child exploitation or abuse. Additionally, we require our partners, including accommodations and transportation providers, to adhere to similar standards.
River Explorers has established clear reporting mechanisms for staff and customers to report any suspicions or incidents of child exploitation. Reports are treated with confidentiality and urgency, and appropriate action is taken in accordance with local laws and regulations.
We engage with local communities along our tour routes to build trust, foster collaboration, and promote child protection initiatives. We support community-based projects that empower children and adolescents, providing them with opportunities for education, healthcare, and recreation.
River Explorers is transparent about our commitment to child protection and our efforts to prevent exploitation in tourism. We consistently communicate with our stakeholders about our policies, initiatives, and progress in this regard.
By adhering to this code of conduct, River Explorers aims to contribute to the prevention of child exploitation in tourism and create a safe and respectful environment for all travelers, especially children and adolescents. We believe that by working together with our staff, partners, customers, and communities, we can make a positive impact and help ensure that every child enjoys their right to a safe and fulfilling childhood.