• Heard of Andean animals during Cusco Adventure tours

Cusco adventure tours

  • Looking for adventure, astonishing settings, lively culture and history? Cusco adventure tours are calling! Cusco is a city with impressive views, rich in culture and history. It’s characterized by a wide variety of flora and fauna with diverse rugged geography. On this adventurous, yet relaxed tour, you’ll hike, mountains, forest, and national park trails, mountain biking, river rafting and zip lining explore ancient ruins, and take in the cultures of Cusco and small towns.

  • The Andes, rain forest and jungle in Cusco offes rivers, lakes and lagoons, canyons, hiking and mountain biking trails in Cusco available for experts and novices. Choose hiking near Cusco, the Sacred Valley or the astonishing Machu Picchu, we have trails for all tastes and abilities.


    Check out our hiking trails, we h tours for all levels.

    Huchuy Qosqo

    For beginners to intermediate, Huchuy Qosqo hike is just located 35 minutes away from Cusco, and take place in Tauca small andean village near Piuray lake. The trail traverses small lagoons, villages, andean crops and Huchuy Qosqo, an Inca retreat buit up on a mountain in the Sacred Valley.

    You can choose 1 day hiking for intermediate and advanced or 2 dyas for beginners. Extend your tour to Machu Picchu, let us know how long you wish to expend hiking and we can organize something nice for you.

    Huchuy Qosqo can also be combined with the Sacred Valley tour, mountain biking or any river rafting tours.

    Lares trek

    Another great hiking adventure. It begins at only 60 minutes away from Cusco. Lares trek was designated as one of the best alternatives hike after the Inca trail. Lares tour combine hiking with a touch of vivential tourism, the adventure mixes oustanding views of snow capped mountains , charming andean villages with llama, alpaca and guanaco heards, and andean crops. Lares hike are are available in 3 different sections, for beginners, intermediate and advanced. It can be combined with Machu Picchu and Lares mountian biking. You can also get the full package such as Lares to Machu Picchu or the Off the beaten path tour from Cusco to Machu Picchu.

    Salkantay trek

    Salkantay mountain is considered as an Apu “god of the mountains” this trek was recognized as one of the best hike in south America according to the National Geographic magazine and with a good reason, this adventure trail traverses the Andes and the rain forest with impressive views of the Salkantay mountain, lagoons, small inca ruins and well preserved inca trail hike for about 2 hours in the way to visit Patallaqta. The highest pass is at 4659 meters and we only recomend for hikers with a previous experience and good acclimatization time. Salkantay trek can be combine with any Apurimac rafting tours. Find This adventure in 4 and 5 days.


    The Andes is home for many different biking trails in Cusco for both novices and beginers.

    Moray biking

    This tour is for people with a little experience, this MTB take placce at only 30 minutes from Cusco and traverses MOray a unique inca complex built as a agricultural laboratory, the famous salt mines of Salineras and finishes in the Sacred Valley.

See our programs

Inca Trail and Amazon Rainforest Vacation

Cusco, Inca Trail to Machu Picchu & Amazon rain forest from 9 days
Inca Trail & The Amazon Rainforest trip is a great choice for those looking for adventure. Explore Cusco and the sacred Valley and choose 2, to 5 days hike in one of the most spectacular trails on earth, the Inca Trail. Stay from 3 to 6 days in the astonishing Peruvian Amazon & spot incredible wildlife including canopy, zip line and more.
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U$ 2500

Machu Picchu Inca Trail Tour 5 days

Machu Picchu Inca Trail (5 days)
The five day Inca Trail is for those who really want to fully enjoy Machu Picchu and the Inca trail. With one extra day, there's more time to enjoy the amazing views and ruins along the Inca Trail plus you'll see Machu Picchu twice, at the end of the fourth hiking day and on the fifth whole morning to explore Machu Picchu with your guide.
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From U$990

Off the beaten path Cusco to Machu Picchu Vacation

Hiking MTB and rafting to Machu Picchu 5 days
One of a kind active package. If you are looking for something different, away from tourist crowds, then, this adventure is for you. Cusco is know for his top destinations, but Cusco is not only that. In this program, we will take you hiking into the mountain ranges of Vilcabamba. Dow-hill MTB from the Andes to jungle and rafting in the rain-forest. These destinations are away from tourists and even for locals. You will love where we will take you!
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USD 990

Cusco Horseback Riding

Sacsayhuaman, Qenqo, Tambomachay (1 day)
Let us take you for a ride back through time to places that for centuries has histories of memorial rituals, offerings and war during the days of it’s past. This guided tour features visits to impressive fortresses, temples and royal retreats, riding along narrow roads and forests with great views of the surroundings.
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U$ 65

The Apurimac Black Canyon rafting 3 days

The Apurimac Black Canyon 3 days

The Black Canyon is the less demanding section for rafting Apurimac and is suitable for athletic, active people and adventurous first timers, but still satisfies experienced boaters with it's several Level IV rapids. The Black Canyon spread peacefulness and excitement with time to enjoy spectacular scenery, peaceful swimming pools, and excellent sandy beaches hid in this 62 mile – 99.7 km stretch of pristine canyon lands.

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Trip To Machu Picchu – Multi Active Adventure

MTB, rafting and hiking Machu Picchu 3 days
This package will take you to spectacular places packed with astounding views of the Andes, the Amazon Jungle, the amazing complex of Machu Picchu and will delight you with unforgettable adventure activities. The tour features mountain biking through unique Inca ruins and salt mines, lovely local Andean villages, hiking crossing tunnels with astounding views of Machu Picchu and rafting in one of the best sections of the Urubamba rain forest.
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from U$ 585

Inca Jungle tour – Active Machu Picchu

Biking, rafting and trekking to Machu Picchu (4 days)

Astonishing natural beauty surrounds us, whether we are biking through the Peruvian Andean Mountains, whitewater rafting on the Urubamba Rainforest River, or hiking alongside cliffs and Inca ruins. This trip finishes with a complete guided tour around the impressive complex of Machu Picchu. As with many other Machu Picchu tours, you will have the chance to climb Huayna Picchu, the biggest peak located behind Machu Picchu.

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from U$585

Inca Trail to Machu Picchu – The Classic Tour

The Classic Tour (4 days)
This tour is a hike through long stone stairs and paths through breathtaking mountain scenery, cliffs, forest and countless of Inca ruins. The trail is inhabited by numerous species of birds, orchids and even the almost extinct spectacle bear. The Inca Trail traverses three awesome mountain passes, including the rigorous Dead Woman's Pass.
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From U$880

Tambopata River Rafting – Amazon Peru Tour

Ultimate rafting trip to the Amazon Jungle (11 days)
A true expedition to one of the less-explored areas of the Amazon rain forest. Experience great rapids, astonishing views of gardens and waterfalls, unique wildlife and magnificent overlooks of the rain forest Mountains down to the flat Amazon jungle.
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The Active Cusco Trip: Hike, bike & raft

Cusco, Huchuy Qosqo hike, biking, rafting, Machu Picchu & Huayna Picchu hike (10 days)
Active Cusco tour is designed for people who like a little comfort, but still gives a little taste of adventure. This package combines three of our Cusco's favorites adventure trips: "Huchuy Qosqo" two-day hiking tour through the Andes and Inca ruins. One day biking downhill from the Andes down to the Amazon, excellent rafting – safe and fun for all fitness levels. We finish this adventure with a full guided tour around the great Machu Picchu.
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Lares Trek to Machu Picchu

Lares Trek to Machu Picchu (4 days)

Most Machu Picchu tours are hard, which is why we created this trip that doesn't demand a high level of physical conditioning. Relax and enjoy Lares hot springs, experience local people and charming villages while hiking up in the Andes and be amazed by the most amazing scenic routes of the region. Explore Machu Picchu on the last day with your own guide, feel the magic and maybe climb Huayna Picchu.

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From US$650

Salkantay Trail, Machu Picchu hiking

Salkantay hike to Machu Picchu (5 days)

Get one more day to enjoy the high peaks of the Peruvian Andean Mountains and enjoy snow caped mountains, lagoons and temperate mountain valleys. This tour will take you into the mountain range of Southern Peru and part of the Amazonian Rainforest where Machu Picchu citadel is located. The last day, you will have a guided tour around Machu Picchu and a have the chance to climb Huayna Picchu, the highest peak behind Machu Picchu.

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From US$890

Cusco Multi-Sport Highlights -The Inca Escapade

Inca Trail 4 days, Rafting 3 days, Sacred valley and Cusco (12 days)

There are many other Cusco tours, but this is without a doubt one of the best active vacation of all our packages. The Apurimac tour is three days rafting on a worry-free vacation with no stress and no schedules running level II, III, IV and V rapids. A journey on to the Sacred Valley, loved by the Incas for its special natural beauty and geographical qualities. We end this tour with the Inca trail: four days hiking across mountains until we arrive at Machu Picchu.

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Trek To Machu Picchu – Huchuy Qosqo

Huchuy Qosqo to Machu Picchu Hiking (3 days)

This beautiful trek takes us to spectacular mountain scenery, ravines, charming Andean villages, the Sacred Valley and to the ancient Inca complex of Huchuy Qosqo. Because of its location, archaeologists believe that this fortress was the favorite place of one of the Inca kings, who chose this place to rest and relax. Like any other Machu Picchu tours you will have the last day to see Machu Picchu with your own private guide, climb Huayna Picchu or just walk around this amazing complex.

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from U$ 527

The Inca Jungle trip 3 days

Mountain biking, rafting , canopy and hiking (3 days)

The Inca jungle tour 3 days is one of the shortest active trips of all our Machu Picchu tours. Bike with us from the Mountains to the Amazonian rainforest, raft the Urubamba River challenging nice rapids, Zip line across Santa Teresa Valley and hike along rivers and Inca ruins. This tour ends up in Machu Picchu with a complete guided tour around this enigmatic place. You can also climb Huayna Picchu or enjoy astonishing views of the surroundings of this marvelous place.

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