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Looking for an adventure, astonishing settings, lively culture, and history? Cusco adventure tours offer all of these and much more. Cusco is a city that has it all: impressive scenery, rich culture and history, amazing food, and welcoming locals. In addition, this Peruvian city is characterized by a wide variety of flora and fauna with diverse rugged geography.

Our active adventure tours

For those of you who don’t know, Cusco was the old capital of the Inca Empire. The city’s surroundings are diverse and cover a little bit of everything: from the high Andes mountains to the flat plateau, from the rain forests to jungles, from valleys to canyons, and from wild rivers to calm lakes. For that reason, Cusco is a genuine paradise for adventure tours. Besides its amazing natural beauty, the city is also known for exceptionally intriguing history and culture. If you dream of having an authentic Peruvian adventure, tours in Cusco are one of the best ways to achieve it. We plan and organize everything for you, leaving you free to relax and really enjoy your Peruvian experience. Check out our adventure tours activities and choose the package that best suits your needs and preferences.

Our Cusco adventure tours specials

We can proudly call ourselves Cusco adventure tours specialists! With the exceptional knowledge of the destinations, our staff is dedicated to professional courteous service and will make sure you and your group have an unforgettable time during your stay in Cusco. Listed below you will find descriptions of some of our most exclusive tours

Yavero is our well-kept secret gem. In terms of biodiversity, weather, scenery, native culture and whitewater, this adventure rafting expedition stands alone in the world of river-based adventure experiences.

Get on an adventure to one of Cusco’s greatest attractions the Inca Trail and the Sacred valley. Stay in one of best South American lodges while exploring the Tambopata national reserve inside the Amazon jungle.

This active package is ideal for travelers who search for an adventure-boosting holiday, away from tourist crowds. We will introduce you to Cusco’s real side – from hiking into the Andes to jungle & rain-forest biking & rafting

White water river rafting tours

For most people, Cusco means Inca ruins and Machu Picchu. Yes, these fabulous ancient ruins are a definite must-see while in Peru. However, there are several other awesome tour activities to consider when visiting Cusco. One of the best experiences you’ll ever have is whitewater rafting tours. The rivers in Cusco are considered some of the world’s finest wilderness experiences, so don’t hesitate – book one of the thrilling Cusco rafting adventure tours today! Cusco whitewater rafting trips on a wide range of Peruvian rivers range from 1 to 12 days of wilderness adventures. Based on whitewater rafting levels and classifications, the rivers we offer are rated from level II up to level V rapids. Rivers in Cusco are divided into numerous sections to fit all fitness levels, ages, and abilities. 


This adventure is available for all levels and ages. This tour includes easy but fun thrilling rapids on the Urubamba River with picturesque settings of the Sacred Valley you will probably ever get to experience.

The Urubamba upper section is one of the best sections for rafting near Cusco, recommended for people from 9 years old. This river runs through a steep, twisted gorge lined with sharp granite rocks and rapids.

The Apurimac Black Canyon by far is the best white water rafting section in Cusco area. Enjoy splashy rapids to peaceful pools, offering you a chance to break in-between to test out our single-person inflatable Kayaks.

The raining season is the best time to enjoy this thrilling adventure. You will run constant rapids, nice standing waves and panoramic views of green mountain scenery.  This tour is available for all levels and abilities.

This really is another exceptionality of River Explorers allowing you to take in the Apurimac River camping for 1 night experiencing along 40km (about 24 miles)geologic marvels, beauty and excellent rapids.

Enjoy the peacefulness of the river mixed with bouncy, easy rapids, tranquil natural swimming pools and thrilling of exploding whitewater camping on secluded sandy beaches. No prior rafting experience is needed.
A whitewater paradise! The Granite canyon rumbles through an extended succession of great rapids and calms pools, offering the finest in class IV & V whitewater rapids. Prior rafting experience is needed.
If 3 days is not enough, get one day extra to experience a sections of the Black Canyon and the entire Granite Canyon running rapids up to level countless rapids from level II to V and endless in scenic wonders

Paddle the entire black and granite canyon. The Apurimac river waters flows through untamed Class III, IV and V rapids, deep, colorful canyons, virgin sandy beaches, ruins and its home for unique animals and plants and other dazzling treasures in a river untouched by human hands. This trip is only for people with prior rafting experience and good physical conditions.

Cusco mountain biking adventure tours

From popular mountain biking adventure trails to hidden gems or perfectly nestled camping sites, our tours offer the ultimate mountain biking vacations in Cusco. Whether you are an experienced biker or a beginner, we provide the best bikes and the trail that will meet your needs and the skill level. We offer a day to multi-day mountain bike tours that showcase the natural beauty of the Cusco region like no other. Whether it’s endless flowing single-track down the Andes mountains, exploring magnificent ancient cities or enjoying the rain forest, these trips will create memories that will last forever. See all destinations

Yuncaypata mountain biking  is a unique opportunity to explore Cusco while enjoying the breathtaking scenery and learning more about Peruvian culture and its astounding history.

This adventure will take you through the Cusco Andean Mountains and the incredible sites of Moray and the Salineras (salt mines from before Incan times) until you finish in the Sacred Valley.

Imagine mountain biking downhill for 2000 m. – 6500 ft from to the Sacred valley? Besides providing a great opportunity to enjoy astonishing Mountains scenery this trail is among the best in Cusco region.

This adventure are available for all levels. This tour includes easy but fun thrilling rapids including picturesque settings of the Sacred Valley you will probably ever get to experience.

This ultimate adventure crosses 3 different ecosystem with outstanding views of snow caped mountains, valleys, river, canyons and charming villages. The downhill stars at 4568 meters – 14987 ft feet sea level and ends at the Amazonian rain forest at 769 m – 2523 ft. sea level.

Cusco hiking adventure tours

This tour packages are connect perfectly with our Machu Picchu tours.

Hiking tours around Cusco region are a great way to explore the heart of Peru’s stunning Andean mountains. Home to towering Longs Peak to up to 6,384 meters (20,944) feet which towers over the rest of the Andes, Cusco mountains are a paradise for hiking and backpacking tours. From an abundance of waterfalls, astonishing wildlife, pristine creeks and rivers to crystal clear lakes, tree-studded ridges, and soaring alpine peaks, there’s a lavish scenery to hold our attention.

Our Cusco adventure hiking tours include hikes to Salkantay, Lares, Huchuy Qosqo, with mules supported treks. We’ll also take you to the famous Inca Trails with the amazing porters supported hikes. You can also find a day and half-day hikes near Cusco and Sacred Valley area. All trips are all-inclusive. Also, to make the most out of your trip to Peru, all of our hiking guides are award-winning. Send us an e-mail right now to learn more or to plan your Cusco adventure tours!

The short Inca Trail 2 day hiking is a variation of the Classic 4 day hike. It begins on Km. 104 located an hour away from Ollantaytambo by train and takes you on a one-day trekking experience along ruins, rain forest towards Machu Picchu.

This hiking adventure  offers incredible panoramic views of Urubamba’s mountain range, the isolated trail to Huchuy Qosqo complex with the awe-inspiring Sacred Valley floor below it and hiking 1 day through the Inca trail to Machu Picchu.

Lares 4 day trekking adventure is a short hike with camping on the Andes, at Lares hot spring and one night in a hotel at Aguas Calientes. If you don’t have to much hiking experience & like little adventure & comfort, then this is for you.

The 4 day is a classic adventure hike in the Salcantay park. This hike is a physically demanding trip and is recommended only for expert hikers. The trip covers almost all the attractions inside the park including a visit to Machu Picchu.

The 4 day Inca Trail to Machu Picchu is one of the world most famous treks. It traverses the Andean mountains and the rain forest. It features ancient buildings, houses, temples, observatories along the way, that allow you to see breathtaking views.

If you truly want to experience the Inca trail to the fullest then this 5 days adventure is for you. It covers the same distance as the 4 days but you will see less people along the trail, you’ll be better acclimatize plus you will visit Machu Picchu twice.

This hiking adventure will take to experience all the attractions inside the Salcantay national reserve including the visit to Humantay lagoon and hiking on a real paved Inca trail to the ruins of Patallaqta.  Recommended for experienced hikers

Cusco multi-sport adventure tours

If you’re truly into the outdoors, then you’ll definitely want to explore it in different ways. After all, why choose just one and miss the thrill of multi-sport packages? For many years now, we have been offering packages that include multiple ways to experience Cusco and Machu Picchu iconic landscape. All our trips will bring you long-lasting memories. However, if you are looking for something unique, these are adventures that stand out.

It will only take you 3 days to experience some of Cusco’s best attractions. You will mountain biking through unique and mysterious Inca ruins, salt mines and traditional villages. Plus you will river rafting and see Machu Picchu. 

This hiking adventure  offers incredible panoramic views of Urubamba’s mountain range, the isolated trail to Huchuy Qosqo complex with the awe-inspiring Sacred Valley floor below it and hiking 1 day through the Inca trail to Machu Picchu.

Lares 4 day trekking adventure is a short hike with camping on the Andes, at Lares hot spring and one night in a hotel at Aguas Calientes. If you don’t have to much hiking experience & like little adventure & comfort, then this is for you.

This multi-active adventure tour is ideal for you who search for an adventure-boosting holiday, away from tourist crowds. We will introduce you to Cusco’s hided gems – from hiking into the Andes to jungle & rain-forest biking & rafting

Taylor-made Cusco Adventure Tours

Our specialized tailor-made department can pretty much cater to any requirement you may have. We will help you put together the dream holiday of a lifetime. Our extensive experience ensures we have access to a variety of options that can we can tailor to any of your needs and preferences.

Cusco city surroundings offer the best places for horseback riding adventures. Ride with us and explore  ancient ruins with temples, fortresses, royal baths and outstanding views of snow capped mountains, valleys and charming villages. Available for all ages.

If you’re looking for a lifetime experience in southern Peru, check out Cusco adventures stand up paddle boards. Our tours will take you paddling on Cusco’s pristine lakes and lagoons, known as the most beautiful lakes in  the Cusco region. 

Couple ziplining Cusco

Zip line adventures 1/2 day tours

Come join us for some of the best zip lining adventures in Cusco. Showcasing the best of the Cusco Andean mountains and Valleys. Our Cusco zip line tour packages soar over a beautiful natural landscape, the Urubamba and Salka River, lush forest and Valleys.


Train to Machu Picchu
Our tours in Cusco will start with adventures from the beginning to the end. Road access to the most popular destinations are well preserve whether you’ll be traveling by a rail, paved or dirt road we will provide special transportation according to the trip activity style this could be, train, vans and buses and for our off the beaten track we will use boats, 4×4 and other special kid of transportation.


Depending on your adventure activity, you may dine in nice camping places or in carefully chosen local restaurants. We can gladly say that the only complaint our travelers made about our food is that “there is not enough, or this is the most delicious food we tried in Cusco”

Our Destinations

Cusco was designated for third consecutive time as the World’s Best City in Central and South America and with a good reason. Cusco region is full of excitement, history culture and adventure. These are some of the attractions your will explore while taking our adventure activities.
Baby monkey Amazon

Rain forest

Purgatory gorge Apurimac River

Apurimac river gorge

Sacsayhuaman Cusco


Hiking the inca trail

Inca trail

Andean kids lares


Moray complex


Girl at Machu Picchu

Machu Picchu

Pongo de mainique

Megantoni park

Pisaq complex


Couple Humantay lake Salcantay


Salt mine of salineras


Boy at rainbow mountain

Rainbow Mountain



We provide quality camping locations that are spacious, isolated, and equipped with 5-inch mattresses, sleeping bags, linens, and pillows. We also arrange dinner tents, chairs, and toilets etc.


We chose strategically located hotels comfortable and spacious. They are well reviewed on TripAdvisor and Booking.com. We include 3 stars hotel with a chance to upgrade to 4 or 5!

Basic rooms

Some of our adventure tours take place in remote areas, where accommodation is scarce. We choose basic rooms with they are clean and comfortable.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Didn’t you find what you are looking fore, check bellow to our most frequently asked questions or you can send us an e-mail if you have special questions.

People who don’t have much adventure tours experience often find the amount of information and choices confusing. To simplify the matters, we suggest the following. All in all, most of the Multi-active tours are ideal for first-time visitors as these are generally easier journeys with better infrastructure. For hiking activities, rafting and mountain biking, please check the level of difficulty or contact us for the clarification.

Our Cusco adventure tours include everything from accommodation and transportation to professional gear and guides, to make sure you’re fully covered while enjoying your vacation in Peru. Private transportation: transportation on tour is a major component of all adventure activities. Our tours usually include road trips and at times combine long drives, bumpy roads and possible problems, such as digging a vehicle out of mud – a highlight of our journeys! These setbacks are always what you make of them, so please be prepared. A friendly tip: your crew will be very unhappy if you call them bus-drivers. Gear: All biking, river rafting, hiking SUP and Zip line gear is included. This includes:

  • liners,
  • pillows,
  • sleeping pads to up 5 cm 2 1/2 sleeping high,
    sleeping bags (some tours however not include a sleeping bag in the price, check your itinerary inclusions).
  • Guides: The success or failure of any tour depends heavily on the guides of the tour. We always keep this in mind when we recruit and train our guides – they are well-known across Cusco as great leaders, chefs, and drivers, so you can rest knowing that you’re in good hands.
Our Cusco adventure tours are designed for everyone including families with small kids. However, there are some tours restricted only for people with some experience, especially those in Mountain biking and Rafting itineraries.
While some tours take place lower than 2000 meters, other tours include really high altitudes. Acclimatization adjusting is recommended before any tours that include the hike in the Andes.
Absolutely! Even more, our guides will make sure that you enjoy Machu Picchu and its attractions, including visiting the most memorable highlights. Please contact us for hikes to Huayna Picchu and Montaña Machu Picchu.

Do I need a passport during the activities? If you can make a copy of your travel document, that would be great. To enter Machu Picchu, you need to show your passport together with a valid ticket.

If you want to accompany your kids with you, you can absolutely take them with you to visit Machu Picchu. There’s no specific age to enter Machu Picchu. You just have to pay an entry fee if your kid is 7 or above 7 years of age.

Our guides are fluent in English and they know their work like no one else. In addition, all our guides are certified in advanced first aid with CPR and Rescue.

One hundred percent. We can accommodate all kind of diets under no extra cost. Just provide your dietary plan in advance.

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