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  • Overview

    Do you want to experience the thrill of rafting great river rapids in Cusco? Rivers for white-water rafting in Cusco are among the best rafting experiences in the world. The exciting rush of rapids, the great scenery, the attraction of new destinations and a chance to explore a magnificent landscape, means that you can have a unique experience. Our tours has all of this and more. With so many rivers, Cusco rafting activities continues to attract those who love whitewater river rafting from all over the world.

    We offer rafting tours on various rivers in Cusco’s general area, which also includes the wonders of Machu Picchu, the Andes and the rain-forest. Beside exciting river adventures you can also enjoy, exquisite food, go on guided tours, go camping, and have great overnight stays in high-class accommodation. There is the option of enjoying multi-day or day rafting trips. Cusco rafting offers white-river experiences to rafters of all capabilities, beginners intermediate and advanced.

  • Rivers

    Cusco is a paradise for adventure activities such as whitewater river trips. You can select day tours or up to eleven-day rafting adventures on four different rivers, Cusco is the best in South America, and River Explorers is the only Cusco rafting provider that provides the largest range of white water trips in Peru.

    Select the most popular rivers near Cusco and Machu Picchu and  if you want to be more adventurous, embark on one of our exclusive rafting tours in the Amazon basin. No matter the river, we guarantee incredible rafting rapids with awesome views and rare and beautiful wild life.

    The Apurimac River

    Apurimac River

    After the building of new roads, it is now much easier to explore this fantastic place. River Explorers created 5 unique white-water rafting trips for everyone seeking to raft the great Apurimac River.

    This river’s source is in the Andes close to Arequipa and it is the source the greatest river in the world, the Amazon River. The Apurimac River is ideal for whitewater rafting with rapids for rafters of all capabilities from Level II to V.  The scenery is breathtaking with giant stone monuments and ruins, waterfalls cascading for hundreds of meters, lush valleys, and snowcapped mountains make this an incredible experience from start to finish. Cusco whitewater offers a once in a life time experience.

    The Urubamba River

    Urubamba River

    The Urubamba river  is located very near to Cusco that flows parallel to the Apurimac and the Mapacho river. The Urubama crosses Sicuani city, the beautiful Urcos Valley, the Sacred Valley, Machu Picchu and runs all the way to the Amazon Jungle.  The river’s course is interrupted by many great rapids that are open all year long and these are perfect for one and multi day Cusco rafting adventures trips.

    The Upper Urubamba
    The Yavero River


    A new River for the rafting lovers and perhaps one of the best rafting adventures in the world. This adventure occurs in the rain forest in the Cusco area. Yavero was recently opened for commercial rafting and it is exclusively operated by our company. Very few people in the world have rafted this river. The Yavero package, tours of waterfalls, an overnight stay at a Machiganga indigenous tribe, countless great rapids with perfect waves, wholes and calm section in between, a visit to Pongo the Mainique, with their unique ecosystem formed by the confluence of two rivers.  To conclude this trip of a lifetime we take you to Machu Picchu, where you will have a complete guided tour around its wonders. In total, you will 11 days of pure adventure.

    The Yanatile River

    This is another fantastic river opened by us for commercial Cusco rafting. This section is perfect for beginners, families and school tours. There it also a section for advanced boaters but this is limited to small boats and kayaking. This river is six hours from Cusco and it takes you on an astonishing journey from the Andes to the rain forest. We love this river because it is unspoiled and not full of tourists. There are no tourists at all, only friendly locals, pretty villages and of course the pleasent warm jungle weather. This section is great when combined with the Lares trek and Lares mountain biking, packages.

  • Choosing the river

    Cusco whitewater rafting is the best for rafting in Peru.  The best rivers for whitewater trips are found in the Cusco area. This region offers a diverse range of rafting sections suitable for rafters of all levels. For us safety is the main concern on all our whitewater river trips and it is important that you follow these helpful tips.

    Finding the right River
    Finding the right River

    We recommend that you select a section that suits your level of experience. We offer four different rivers for Cusco rafting.  On each river, there are many different sections from level II to V. First-timers should begin with a beginner river, then after a while move to an intermediate and finish then an advanced river.  Not sure about choosing a river, call or send us an e-mail to contact@riverexplorers.com for some helpful advice.  It is important to always consider the abilities of the least experienced member when planning a whitewater rafting trip.

    Who Can Participate
    Who Can Participate

    Whether it is a lazy day during the dry season on the Class I-II, relatively easy sections of the Urubamba River in the Sacred Valley, to the excitement of the Class V sections on the Apurimac River, Cusco whitewater rafting trips give trips that satisfy all levels. Participants need to feel confident about their rafting abilities and can swim in the water. E-mail or call us for more information about people with special health considerations and consult your doctors for suggestions.

    Making a Reservation
    Making a Reservation

    Please feel free to call our office at +51 084 431116 or go online at River Explorers contact form to reserve a place on our Cusco rafting adventure and select the dates you want. Usually, payment is made at the time of your reservation.

    What is included?
    What is included?

    River Explorers provides professional instruction and training before your rafting adventure begins. Specific gear is needed for Cusco rafting tours. We have the best equipment available and all our gear is imported from NRS and approved and certified by the United States Coast Guard and by the Peruvian Ministry of Tourism.

    A life vest type V that is suitable for age and size.
    Self-bailing rafts suitable to the season and river conditions
    River shoes, paddle jackets, helmets,  bags, paddles, full body wet-suits, and duffel bags for multi-day tours.
    Professional certificated and experienced rafting guides who are English and Spanish speaking.
    Private transport and transfers.
    Delicious Peruvian homemade food.
    Excellent first aid kit for emergencies.
    A safety kayak or cataract.
    Tents for sleeping, kitchen and toilet for multi-day rafting adventures.

    What to bring?
    What to bring?

    Personal clothing for the whitewater river trip.

    A sleeping bag with a mattress.
    Convertible pants – shorts and shirts preferable, preferably of synthetic/ nylon material.
    Underwear, socks, a hat, sunglasses.  It is very important to have sunblock, mosquito repellents and a personal water carrier.
    A wool or synthetic shirt for under your wet-suit or life jacket is recommended.  Cotton shirts are not recommended.

    We provide shoes for one day trips, for longer trips we recommend bringing sport shoes, teva or chaco works too, we recommend a shoe that will protect your whole food. Flip-flops are suitable for rafting or camping excursions.

  • Environment

    River Explorers is committed to protection and conservation of the natural environment. Our Cusco rafting adventures are created to have a better understanding of Cusco’s river ecosystems while at the same time protect our rivers natural ecosystem. Our leave-no-traces and a low-impact call is strictly controlled by our crew member on each tour where carrying out all organic and inorganic garbage including human waste is obligatory.

  • Cuisine

    Our customers love our home-made food. It is the ideal compliment, to the action-packed rafting adventure.  Our plentiful, tasty, filling and delicious meals are all made with healthy and fresh local ingredients.  Our meals usually consist of fish, delicious grilled chicken, the local specialty Lomo Saltado, a buffet of sandwiches and more, these are accompanied with salads, potatoes and rice. All out food is seasoned with spices from the local area. Vegetarian dishes are available by request.

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