• Peru Cusco whitewater rafting safety tips

At River Explorers, we strive to set our safety standards at the highest level possible on the river. White water rafting has become a very popular adventure activity among visitors to Peru for their challenging and exciting rivers. Rafting is fun, but we cannot forget that whitewater rafting involve risk due to the elements of nature. No matter how challenging or easy your river rafting experience might be; there are a few basic steps that you and your family can take to insure that your white water rafting experience in Cusco Peru is as safe as possible.

River Explorers operates rafting since 2000 and with an experience of more than 25 years on this field we offer tips for choosing the safest white water rafting outfitter.

The upper Urubamba River section in Cusco area offers great rafting day activities, guests experiences nice huge waves with volume of water, it’s a nice exciting adventure. However, be careful, people drowned on the same section of river with the same rafting outfitter where guest have great experiences before.

Our priority is our guest’s personal safety. Our decisions are made related on what is best for our clients, money aside, so guest can experience the best safe adventure possible.

When choosing the right outfitter for rafting in Peru, investigate a little about the outfitter you will like to use, ask them  questions that will help you arrange a fun, memorable and especially a safe rafting adventure.

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How do you control and choose your gear?
Tell me about your river guides?
How long have you been in business?
What other actions do you take to keep us safe and comfortable?
Other options to consider?
Did you have any accident in the river where I’m going?
The price
What makes your company different?
Other information to have in consideration