At River Explorers, we strive to set our safety standards at the highest level possible on the river. White water rafting has become a very popular adventure activity among visitors to Peru for their challenging and exciting rivers. Rafting is fun, but we cannot forget that whitewater rafting involve risk due to the elements of nature. No matter how challenging or easy your river rafting experience might be; there are a few basic steps that you and your family can take to insure that your white water rafting experience in Cusco Peru is as safe as possible.

River Explorers operates rafting since 2000 and with an experience of more than 25 years on this field we offer tips for choosing the safest white water rafting outfitter.

The upper Urubamba River section in Cusco area offers great rafting day activities, guests experiences nice huge waves with volume of water, it’s a nice exciting adventure. However, be careful, people drowned on the same section of river with the same rafting outfitter where guest have great experiences before.

Our priority is our guest’s personal safety. Our decisions are made related on what is best for our clients, money aside, so guest can experience the best safe adventure possible.

When choosing the right outfitter for rafting in Peru, investigate a little about the outfitter you will like to use, ask them  questions that will help you arrange a fun, memorable and especially a safe rafting adventure.

MUST READ - Make a little research in Google?
Every rafting tour should be fun but most importantly it should be safe. Rafting accidents doesn’t happen everyday, but it can happen and maybe this can happen on the day of your tour. TripAdvisor is one of the main site that tourist will relie to choose a rafting company, but BE CAREFUL, even in TripAdvisor rafting outfitter with good rankings can be the ones that  you need to avoid.  These 2 tips below will give you information to find the list reliable rafting outfitter for your vacation.
  1. Type in Google “name of the company” and then “rafting accidents”
  2. Type in Google “name of the company” and then “accidentes de canotaje”

Done with your research? probably by now you will get surprised than even companies with excellent reviews in TripAdvisor are the list reliable company for rafting.

How do you control and choose your gear?

All the gear need to pass full inspection to get a certificate to operate rafting excursions. Up to date, well-kept rafts, clean, wet-suits, life jackets, paddles and helmets make a whitewater activity more enjoyable and safer. A rafting outfitter should sanitize its neoprene wet-suits after every use, and check the life vests for perfect flotation. Read more about the Peru Rafting rules and regulations

Tell me about your river guides?

It takes years of training to learn and master the ability to guide commercial whitewater groups. An experience guide make a huge difference, they are professional, confident and comfortable on the river putting clients at comfort so they can have a fun the trip. *Safety kayaks or kataraft need to be in the same conditions as the guides with passengers.

How long have you been in business?

Business success come from happy customers. Make your research, google it write this phrases “name of company rafting accidents”, travel websites such as Lonely Planet, Foot Print, Travel Blog, TripAdvisor provides helpful advice and


What other actions do you take to keep us safe and comfortable?

Have a special consideration in safety, using the amount of safety kayaks or cataract per boat, condition of transportation vehicles, how often life vest and rafts are replaced and whether if wet suit are full cover, on a cold weather this can make a big difference.

Other options to consider?

Planning whitewater vacation in Peru can take a lot of time and research. Look for an outfitter with tour options on multiple days and different rivers, for different levels ranging from novices to experts, with camping and activity programs. You can save time by choosing a company that include lots of options and can help you planning the perfect tour for the ability and needs of what you are looking for.

Did you have any accident in the river where I’m going?

This is a very important question, there are dozens of happy clients leaving rafting tours every day in Cusco. However, accidents happened with the same companies, in the same section that this happy clients finished their tours.

The price

The price? There are about 8 rafting outfitters running rafting tours in Cusco. There is a big wide price range, depending on the river, so determining safety is more valuable about the money. Prices ranges from very cheap to expensive (don’t go with the cheapest even if this is for a half day tours) but even in the case of expensive this prices are fairly cheap comparing with prices of another countries.

What makes your company different?

If the company offers tours for, novices, intermediate and advance boaters. Is the outfitter known for its persistence on safety and quality? Look for an outfitter that offers and explains the convenient section for your ability

Other information to have in consideration

Always wear a life jacket (PFD).

Life jackets need to be fitted correctly. All buckles must be clipped and life jacket needs to be tight to your body.

Wear a helmet.

No matter what level of river rafting you are participating in always use a helmet.

Make sure you have the right outerwear for the day.

There are mainly seasons for white water rafting Cusco Peru: the dry season (May to November) and the raining season (December to April). Wearing a wet suit, paddle jacket, river shoes can really make your trip much more comfortable and safe.

Pay attention to the safety briefing – Important.

In every Cusco white water rafting tours there must be a safety briefing. Pay extra attention when your river guide will give a safety talk about commands, safety and other instructions about the rafting.

Never panic!

Even in the case you fall off the boat panicking is not going the help at all. Stay calm and ready, the safety kayak, cataraft or some river guide may be next to you to help you.

Hold the paddle properly.

Holding the paddle properly is very important, holding in a wrong way can be unsafe.

Stay in the boat.

The safest place in a rapid is the boat, of course listen to your guide in case you need to let the boat go.

Know the proper swimming techniques.

There are 4 ways for swimming in the water, the first is the “Down River Swimmers Position”. Feet downstream with your knees slightly bent, aggression swimming and defensive swimming.

Know the commands – High-Siding.

There are 5 principal commands for rafting, but there are some other extra commands that are necessary in case difficult situations.

Listen to your guide during the river rafting

For Cusco white water rafting, raft masters are qualify according to their experience and certification. They are trained and know very well how to handle any kind of situation.