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Have you ever considered making the trek to Machu Picchu?  We offer an extraordinary Inca Trail tours to Machu Picchu trekking trips that will have you wondering why you haven’t tackled this opportunity sooner!

The Inca Trail Qhapaq Ñan in quechua) was the system of number of roads and trails that connected the Inca Empire. The Qhapaq Ñan linked the main Inca cities with other regions spread along the Inca Empire. One of these roads is in fact the popular Inca Trail that connects Cusco with Machu Picchu.

Our Inca Trail tours

We have carefully crafted two, four- and five-day treks that will take you, your significant other, family, and friends through the magical sights of the Andes and the surrounding area. As you continue to follow the ancient Inca trails on your journey; the cloud forest, vegetation, and unique fauna will completely capture your attention. While there is history and culture everywhere, the UNESCO Heritage Site of Machu Picchu has the most, and it will be a vacation, and attraction, that you will remember for the rest of your life.

Group hiking the inca trail

2 days

From U$580

Inca trail to machu Picchu

Short of time or entry permits are sold out to hike the classic 4 day  Inca trail? No worries, our 2 day Inca Trail hike is a great option to taste and experience this fantastic hike.
Couple trekking the Inca trail

4 days

From U$980

Inca trail to machu Picchu

Short of time or entry permits are sold out to hike the classic 4 day  Inca trail? No worries, our 2 day Inca Trail hike is a great option to taste and experience this fantastic hike.
Couple on the last day Inca Trail

5 days

From U$1450

Inca trail to machu Picchu

If you truly want to experience the Inca trail to the fullest then this hike is for you. Same distance as 4 days, fewer people, better acclimatization, plus you will visit Machu Picchu twice.

Combine your inca trail tour with other packages

Experience the magic of Peru like never before as we combine your favorite destinations and attractions seamlessly into your Inca trail adventure. Let us be your guide to a truly personalized travel experience that captures the essence of this enchanting land.

A Glimpse into the Ruins Along the Inca Trail

Hiking and exploring ruins along the Inca Trail. What you will encounter and learn during your journey
The Inca Trail to Machu Picchu is ranked amongst the world’s ten best hiking trails due to its stunning beauty, diverse ecological zones and most importantly the impressive ancient Inca ruins located strategically along the trail. The ultimate destination on the Inca Trail is the Lost City of the Incas “Machu Picchu” one of the world’s most astonishing and remarkable archaeological sites and one of the Seven Wonders of the World.


Patallacta (Upper town or Town on the hillside, ca. 2,500 m above sea level) is the first Inca complex on the classic Inca Trail and the 5 day Inca trail and is located just 6 km from the Urubamba River and the Inca trail check point.

This Machu Picchu complex is a miracle of engineering in respect to its size and well-planned layout,  it is set on an artificially leveled platform carved out of a semicircular ridge overlooking the confluence of the mighty Urubamba and Cusichaca Rivers.

Cusichaca Valley

Cusichaca was the subject of many archaeological excavations and also botanical studies because of its rich plant life. Experts also studied modern coil pottery and other wares in the locality. Excavations were made in five neighboring sites in the Cusichaca area.  This area was also the subject of agricultural studies. Rain fed Inca terraces were designed to take advantage of natural features (e.g. alluvial fans). These terraces hold only limited soil since Incan terraces were built with heavily modified terrace fills.

Huayllabamba Village

Huayllabamba is an Andean community located a few hours from the start of the Inca Trail. Currently the Andean villagers who are living along the Inca Trail still practice subsistence farming, as their Incan forbearers did. However, others are using new strategies gains coming from the success of the tourism.

The residents of the Huayllabamba community were in fact the first porters who worked for companies that guided tourists during the 1970s. Since then, men have been working as porters carrying tourists back packs from camp to camp specially from Huayllabamba campsite to Warmiwañusca, perhaps the most challenging section of the Inca trail.


The highest day, the hardest day.  The day that made you ask yourself over and over, “What the hell was I thinking?  Walking at altitude can be tough but Machu Picchu and the other sights make it all worth well.

One name that hikers won’t be able to get out of their heads is “Dead Woman’s Pass” (Warmiwañusca pass) located at 4,215 meters or 13,828 feet the highest point of the Inca trail to Machu Picchu.

Depending where your first night’s camp is located, the hiking distance is approximately from 6 to 10 Kilometers long.  This hike is a vertical 1,200 meters – 4,000 feet accent, the elevation become more important as you hike uphill. But relax, Warmiwañusca does have a top, and after hours of walking uphill, you will make the summit. It will be at that moment that make the Inca Trail so special.


While hiking you will see Sayaqmarca, which was known by the locals as Cedrobamba (“Pampa of Cedars”) since there was a cedar forest close to this site. New studies suggest that the name of this place is “the Inaccessible Town”. This name matches perfectly the location of the site, as this place is located atop a mountain and is inaccessible on the sides by steep drops. The Sayacmarca complex is located at a height of 3,600 meters – 11811.02 ft. perfectly built to rest on the steep slopes of the hillsides.

This camp site is located at 3,600 m – 11811.02 ft.


Runkurakay was studied by Hiram Bingham in 1915, who concluded that this complex was a fortress. A later expedition, suggested that Runkurakay was a rest and supply base for the “Chaskis” – runners that delivered messages throughout the Inca Empire. They once ran the Inca Trail at great speed to deliver the Emperor’s messages to Machu Picchu.

The structure contains peculiar concentric and inclined circular walls, egg shaped and box structures, designed to withstand up to earthquakes. The Runkuraqay precinct also contains several dormitories and stables for animals. Runkurakay is a Quechua word and means “egg-shaped” (Egg shaped house). The complex lies on the hill adjacent to the Runkuraqay mountain near the Runkuraqay pass and also the Sayaqmarka and Qunchamarka archaeological sites.


This is one of the most interesting sites on the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu. Phuyupatamarca means City Above the Clouds and is located at 3,670 meters – 12040.68 foot above sea level. This site contains one of the most well-preserved ruins on the Inca trail including scenic farming terraces, fountains with fresh water running constantly even during raining season, curved vantage points, and an elaborate series of baths connected by water channels.

Wiñay Wayna

Wiñay Wayna (or Huinay Huayna) is the last campsite on the Inca trail tours to Machu Picchu.

The Wiñay Wayna ruins (“Eternal Youth – Forever Young”) were discovered and named by the Peruvian archaeologist, Julio C. Tello, and the site is located at 2,690 meters – 8,825 foot.

This complex contains a large area of farming terraces, upper and lower structures each connected by a long stone staircase, with fountains and baths. The elaborate architecture of this complex suggests that this place was important during Incan times.

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When is the Best Time to Embark on Your Inca Trail Adventure?

Start Planning Your Epic Journey on the Inca Trail Today and Create Memories That Will Last a Lifetime!
February marks the temporary closure of the Inca Trail, making it the only month when this iconic trek is not available. However, for those planning their Inca Trail tours, the best time to hike truly depends on personal preferences. From May to mid-September, hikers can enjoy cold dry conditions and clear skies, ideal for capturing breathtaking views along the trail. The period from mid-September to mid-December may see occasional rains but offers cooler temperatures for a comfortable hiking experience. On the other hand, December, January, March, and April bring more frequent rainfall but reward hikers with lush greenery enveloping the landscape. Each season offers a unique perspective of the Inca Trail experience – whether you prefer sunny days or verdant surroundings, there’s a perfect time for every taste!

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Inca trail for families

we pride ourselves on accommodating families of all ages. We believe that travel should be inclusive and enjoyable for everyone, regardless of age. Whether you’re traveling with young children or elderly relatives, we ensure that every member of your family has a memorable and comfortable experience exploring the wonders of the Inca Trail with us.

Inca trail tours for groups

we welcome all types of groups – whether it’s a school trip, a corporate team-building event, or any other gathering. Our goal is to make your experience memorable and enjoyable, tailored to the specific needs and interests of your group. Let us take care of the details so you can focus on creating lasting memories together.

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Gekr- 1 contribution
Gekr- 1 contribution
Amazing experience!
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We booked a 12-day travel experience in Peru through River Explorers for a family vacation with our two adolescent boys. The entire trip was amazing, with each family member having a different favorite experience.
David C - Sidney
David C - Sidney
excellent three week Peruvian adventure
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We booked a 21-day adventure and it was truly fantastic! I highly recommend this experience to everyone, as it offers a wonderful blend of culture, sports, and nature.
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earthmother1 1 contribution
River Explorers does it because they love it.
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I have visited Cusco, Peru several times and have traveled with various companies. Among them, River Explorers is easily my favorite. I have witnessed them prioritize safety and passenger enjoyment over solely focusing on business operations.
LeTravelling - Sao Paulo,  430 contributions
LeTravelling - Sao Paulo, 430 contributions
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I hired River Explorers to handle all the logistics of our trip in Peru. River Explorers arranged transfers, tours, Machu Picchu tickets, and more. It was perfect! Everything, without exception, went smoothly.

Inca trail tours rules regulations

The Peruvian authorities have implemented several rules and regulations to protect Machu Picchu, one of the most iconic archaeological sites in the world.

To ensure the protection of the site’s natural and cultural heritage, as well as to enhance visitors’ safety and enjoyment, specific rules and regulations have been put in place. Let’s delve deeper into the guidelines:

Peruvian authorities restrict the daily number of visitors to Machu Picchu to minimize environmental impact and maintain the site’s integrity. Visitors are advised to book tickets in advance for entry.
Visitors must explore Machu Picchu with an official tour guide to help preserve the site and provide accurate information while preventing unauthorized activities.
Camping spots along the Inca Trail are carefully designated by the authorities to ensure that tour operators provides hikers a safe and enjoyable experience.
It is imperative for all visitors to comply with the park regulations. These rules prohibit littering, causing harm to trees, damaging or removing stones or ruins along the trail, uprooting plants, harming animals, starting open fires and setting up camps in archaeological sites.
Embrace Leave No Trace principles by disposing of waste properly, staying on designated trails, and respecting the wildlife and vegetation of Machu Picchu’s unique ecosystem.
When hiking the Inca Trail, it is important to follow the visitor code of conduct. This demonstrates respect for the historical significance of the site and for other visitors. By adhering to these guidelines, you contribute to preserving this remarkable site for future generations to appreciate and explore.


Anyone can take our trek along the Inca trail! We have taken people of all ages and fitness levels and they have either been vacationing alone, with family or with a group. This tours are less demanding than you would have originally thought, so you will quickly adjust and simply enjoy looking around as you keep putting one foot in front of the other. As you get further up the mountains, we will offer numerous tips on how to get acclimated to the new altitudes, so you will never feel uncomfortable along the way.
The shortest trek we offer is the two days and this will aloud you to hike the Inca Trail , explore some of the ruins along the trail and see Machu Picchu.
Either the 5, 3 or 2 day trails have its own charm. However, there are a few differences. Inca Trail 2 days: Offers an easy trail. Recommended for those who doesn’t have to much time and for people who will like to have a little taste of this magical trail. The Classic 4 days Inca Trail: Known also as the Classic Inca Trail. Almost all the tour operators who are certified sell the 4 days. This trek covers all the ruins along the Inca trail and Machu Picchu, you will camp in assigned campsites and is suitable for all level and ages. The 5 days trail: If you don’t want to miss the whole Inca trail experience and Machu Picchu, then the perfect mix is first hiking for 4 days and continue on with one extra night at Aguas Calientes. This extra day aloud you to eat a nice dinner in a good restaurant, have a nice shower and be completely rested to explore Machu Picchu on the last day with your guide, plus you can have the chance to hike Huayna Picchu or Machu Picchu Mountain with no rush.
Magic is everywhere along the Inca trail within the Andes and at Machu Picchu. You will spend days hiking to the infamous Machu Picchu. Each day will bring new discoveries that will include gorgeous views and sightings of unique plants and animals. We will point it all out along the way, so you do not miss even the smallest detail. With our three decades of experience, we know where all the often skipped over details exist, which is what sets us apart from any of the other outfitter along the same trail.
You may be a little worried about making a trek through the mountains at first, but we offer all the help that you need, so you can basically relax and have fun as you are walking along. Our porters will carry your gear, so you only have one small bag with your daily essentials on your back. We take care of your tents, we prepare coca drinks when we know that you need it the most, and we provide more than enough prepared foods for you to eat. However its essential to get at list 3 days of acclimatization before hiking any tours. Our main goal is to help you find the success of hiking the entire trail and seeing the beauty of Machu Picchu at the end. We have never had anyone not finish this hike, so we can guarantee that everyone can do it!p>
Meals, train and bus tickets, camp gear with tables and folding chairs, luxurious sleeping and dining tents, a therma-rest sleeping pad, water filter, and porterage for up to 8 kilograms of personal gear is all included in your price. There will never be a shortage in gear, equipment, or amenities with this trekking tour. All liners can be laundered as necessary during the trek and we do our best to fulfill all your needs.
Lets be clear here, the Inca Trail is one a best hikes on the planet so every year Inca trails tours attract more visitors. We highly recommend you to book your Inca trail with at list 9 month in advance.
Being in outdoors activities, flying insects and mosquito are present during trail tours. There are snakes but they are nos poisons in fact is very rare finding one on the trail. Spiders, tarantulas and other insects are seldom seen and they aren’t poisonous. However it is important that everyone uses caution when doing this trek through the Andes Mountains and the rain forest.
Yes, you do need travel and cancellation insurance.
The five and two days Inca trails tours are the best tours to choose if you desire hiking these fantastic mountains. In both tours you will have the last day to completely enjoy Machu Picchu and extra time to hike any of these attractions. You can also hike any of these places if you choose our four days tour, but can be a little tiring after hiking for 4 days. Note that the prices for hiking any of these are not included in the price, for 4 days is about U$ 80 and for 5 and 2 day U$ 30 extra.