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  • Overview

    Experience the variety of activities that the Machu Picchu adventure tours has to offer, from the Andean Mountains in Cusco to the cloud rain forest. Explore Quillabamba a city hidden between the jungle and the Andes, river rafting, zip-line and hiking  through primeval rain-forest, climb in the Machu Picchu’s highest peaks, explore the glorious sites of Moray and Salineras, and bike to the tip of Machu Picchu surroundings!

    New attractions, travel activities and tour circuits are continually opening – making it hard to keep up! We are one of the leading tours operators who are constantly looking for new adventure alternatives, and here you can choose a tour that will feed the hunger of adventure!

  • Rules and regulations to enter Machu Picchu

    With the idea to protect Machu Picchu the INC (National Institute of Culture) set a limit to the number of people that can enter the complex. For this reason, its highly advised to book your Machu Picchu adventure tour in advance.

    From 2011 only 2500 visitors are permitted to enter Machu Picchu in one single shift, from July 2017 this shift is divided in two, morning and afternoon shift, allowing a better flow and control of visitors.

    Before booking any Machu Picchu adventure tours, we advice to see the rules and regulations to visit Machu Picchu.

  • Activity options for our adventure tours

    Not all our Machu Picchu adventure activities require prior experience, tours are designed from mild to the extreme activities. You can book a multi-day trip where hiking, rafting, mountain biking and Peru’s highest commercial canopy. These adventure activities will get even the list adventurer excited.

    Mountain biking

    The Mountain biking

    See for yourself why our adventure trails are ranked among the best biking destinations in the country. Access to remote Andean towns, unique ancient ruins along the Andes Mountains and rain forest with spectacular scenic views anywhere. The MTB trails are available for all skill levels and ages. Biking gear (helmets, gloves, body armor, and knee protectors) are included in the adventure tours as well and support vehicle in case of emergencies.


    The River Rafting

    The Urubamba River in the rain forest provides one of the best rafting activities and are available for all levels and ages. The warm pleasant weather makes this section the perfect place to get wet, jump or swim in the river.

    Urubamba river in the rain forest offer sections for beginners, intermediate and advanced. No matter what level you  are looking for, we have the section for your abilities.


    The hiking trails

    Rough, rugged mountains make up some of country’s best hiking opportunities. Our adventure tours offer a variety of trails for hikers of all skill levels, including beginners. Outstanding views are a highlight on this adventure that are not commonly see by other travelers.

Off the beaten path Cusco to Machu Picchu Vacation

Hiking MTB and rafting to Machu Picchu 5 days
One of a kind active package. If you are looking for something different, away from tourist crowds, then, this adventure is for you. Cusco is know for his top destinations, but Cusco is not only that. In this program, we will take you hiking into the mountain ranges of Vilcabamba. Dow-hill MTB from the Andes to jungle and rafting in the rain-forest. These destinations are away from tourists and even for locals. You will love where we will take you!
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USD 990

Trip To Machu Picchu – Multi Active Adventure

MTB, rafting and hiking Machu Picchu 3 days
This package will take you to spectacular places packed with astounding views of the Andes, the Amazon Jungle, the amazing complex of Machu Picchu and will delight you with unforgettable adventure activities. The tour features mountain biking through unique Inca ruins and salt mines, lovely local Andean villages, hiking crossing tunnels with astounding views of Machu Picchu and rafting in one of the best sections of the Urubamba rain forest.
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from U$ 585

Inca Jungle tour – Active Machu Picchu

Biking, rafting and trekking to Machu Picchu (4 days)

Astonishing natural beauty surrounds us, whether we are biking through the Peruvian Andean Mountains, whitewater rafting on the Urubamba Rainforest River, or hiking alongside cliffs and Inca ruins. This trip finishes with a complete guided tour around the impressive complex of Machu Picchu. As with many other Machu Picchu tours, you will have the chance to climb Huayna Picchu, the biggest peak located behind Machu Picchu.

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from U$585

The Inca Jungle trip 3 days

Mountain biking, rafting , canopy and hiking (3 days)

The Inca jungle tour 3 days is one of the shortest active trips of all our Machu Picchu tours. Bike with us from the Mountains to the Amazonian rainforest, raft the Urubamba River challenging nice rapids, Zip line across Santa Teresa Valley and hike along rivers and Inca ruins. This tour ends up in Machu Picchu with a complete guided tour around this enigmatic place. You can also climb Huayna Picchu or enjoy astonishing views of the surroundings of this marvelous place.

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