The most amazing Machu Picchu vacation tour packages for your family

Your kids will enjoy an eclectic blend of experiences with the different activities, exquisite animals, and charming village in this paradise destination.

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How do you want to explore Machu Picchu? Is it by train, bus, mountain biking, river rafting, SUP or why not mix them all. All the options are available to meet your needs! This destination is not limited to the attractions mentioned so far. You can also get an ideal opportunity to savor the outstanding views of rivers, lakes, Inca complexes of Ollantaytambo, Chinchero, Moray, and Salineras Pisaq. At this destination, hours of entertainment are guaranteed!

Even though getting involved in the whole Machu Picchu family vacation packages can make your trip to Peru one in a million, you don’t necessarily have to subscribe to all the packages. You can choose one activity, and that alone can make a difference.

At River Explorers, our family package has different options, and they are:

Canopy girl Sacred vallay

This packed adventure is suitable for kids from 7 years to more. Your vacation package has fun and most importantly safe activities where your kids and you will enjoy from the moment you arrive to the moment you’ll leave. River rafting, mountain biking and zipline and Machu Picchu!

From U$1360

We designed this package for families with kids as small as 4 years old. The rafting and biking are very easy but still fun enough for the parents or older brothers. The visit to Machu Picchu with small kids are always fun small hikes and stories that our guides will keep entertained.

From U$1120

Amazon jungle observatory

Do you have a family with teenagers? so this is the package for you. Connext with your kids in a different way. Explore the amazon jungle with super fun activities in one of the best lodges in South America and inmerse your family in an incredible hike through ruins, snow peaks and visit Machu Picchu. 

From U$2500

Stretch the imaginations of your kids

This mysterious Inca citadel is an incredible destination for your family as the spot is a hit for all ages! A visit to this location will make your trip complete because it is jam-packed with jaw-dropping activities that will create memories that will last a lifetime.

Also, the wide range of activities organized by River Explorer’s Machu Picchu family vacations will help your kids enjoy the ideal balance of nature and comfort and also keep them delighted from the beginning of your tour to the end.

We offer family trips where fun is king, and boredom is banned. Also, you don’t have to worry and go through the stress of booking bus, train, and hotel; leave all of it to us and focus on that fabulous vacation ahead. With our customized Machu Picchu family vacation packages, the words “I am bored’ will be forgotten as you and anyone tagging along will make new memories. 

Tell us how do you want it

family Jumping
Family at alpaca farm

Your family trip will be fun and boredom banned

Tailor-made tours just for your family!

Do you want a unique trip full of fun and magic? Don’t worry; we will help you customize your trip from Cusco to Machu Picchu. The different active activities our family tours offer are combined with guided visits to cultural destinations, including the incredible Inca trail and the many different ruins located near Machu Picchu. No doubt, the lively and fun-filled itineraries will satisfy your attention spans, energy levels, and curiosity. With a lot of activities waiting for you to explore, we offer:


Your Machu Picchu family vacations are fully customized, and it includes:

Family mountain biking Andes
kid ziplining
  • Conveying you and your family from the hotel to the beginning of the awe-inspiring tour by private transportation
  • Hotel accommodations where you can choose from one to five stars. Camping gears available for all
  • Full transportation that will take you away from your hotel to the activities locations and also take you back. Transfers from hotels, train and bus stations.
  • Full adventure gear available in different sizes for mountain biking, zip line and river rafting
  • Family-approved tourist guide for a fun-fill guided through the entire tour.
  • Helping picky adventurers get satisfied with tasty meals bombarded with natural ingredients
  • Bus tickets, tickets to and from Machu Picchu, train tickets, entrance fees to all destinations in your package tour.
Tourist family with locals

We traveled all around Machu Picchu and created the best family tours.

The Activities to Enjoy

Mountain biking

Even if any member of your family is just a beginner cyclist, you’ll love these trails. They go high up in the mountains and it’s a fun ride down, plus you will be able to see different Inca ruins along the way. Don’t worry if you can’t handle the entire trip. You’re allowed to stop anywhere along the way you want to. We have vans ready to pick up anyone when needed. Those who want a mountain biking adventure of a lifetime will find it here. The views are fantastic and the ride itself makes our tours all worthwhile. 

Hiking and walking

Our tours are action packed and perfect for the entire family. A family adventure of a lifetime is exactly what you should expect. Expect to hike on the same trails as the ancient Incas. Our packages also include visits to Cusco, the Sacred Valley, Andean Mountains, and the source of the Amazon rain forest. Expect plenty of hiking among the ancient ruins. It’s like walking directly back in time. You’ll be amazed by how time has almost seemed to stop in this one little corner of the world

River rafting – SUP

Our lakes and lagoons , the Urubamba and Yanatile rivers offers the perfect water experience. It doesn’t matter if you’re an absolute beginner or a seasoned pro. You’ll be able to have fun and enjoy an exciting water activities. Children over seven and everyone else are encouraged to enjoy themselves. It goes from full blown rafting to stand up paddle fun. Everyone can have some wet and wild fun regardless of skill. We have vans ready to pick everyone up once the rafting fun is complete.

Canopy and Zipline

If you and your loved ones are thrill-seekers looking to understand and appreciate the environment, we have brought the opportunity to you through our Canopy and Zipline tours. This new growing form of eco-system in the Machu Picchu area will offer you enchanting, thrilling, effortless, and sweeping views and flights. All of this takes place on a mountain with fixed cables, ladders, and bridges that are accessible to all passengers.

Great guides. Amazing tours.
Beautiful Machu Picchu.

Our awesome destinations

Sacsayhuaman Cusco


Hiking the inca trail

Inca trail

Salt mine of salineras


Pisaq complex


Baby monkey Amazon

Rain forest

Girl at Machu Picchu

Machu Picchu

Boy at rainbow mountain

Rainbow Mountain

Moray complex


Inca Trails

Yes, you can hike the Inca Trail with your kids. After years helping families plan their kid-friendly vacation we’ve come up with designed itineraries just for families with kids. We offer:

You don’t need to pay for private service (Traveling with others in a group) but we will treat your group as private service for no extra money.
We have the right equipment for your kids in all sizes.
Experienced guides and most importantly they are good with kids.

Rain forest

Choose the different activities in the rain forest at just four hours from Cusco and 3 hours from the Sacred Valley. 

The families favorite location in the rain-forest, away from tourist crowds is Quebrada Honda (small town that is surrounded by hills and the Yanatile River).The second place is Santa Maria, this instead is more crowded with tourist. 

In these places, you can do multi-day float tours, SUP tours, mountain biking and hiking. 

While exploring the rain forest, you can choose between spending a night in a hostel in a charming towns or tents at Quillabamba or Quebrada Honda.

Sacred Valley

This is yet another fantastic cultural tour that our Machu Picchu family vacation packages offer. The Sacred Valley is one of the most visited destinations in Peru, 

So we can’t deny you an opportunity of a lifetime. With the Incan history, mysteries, beautiful natural settings, stone terraces, and an uncountable number of ruins, there is a lot to catch your loved ones’ attention. Also, your kids will enjoy an eclectic blend of experiences with the walking trails, exquisite animals, and charming village in this paradise destination.


Train to Machu Picchu
Road access to our destinations are well preserved and maintain. We will provide you with the best end trasportation that will suit the tour activitiy, this could be train, vans and buses and for our off the beaten track family vacations we will use mountain bikes, rafting boats, 4×4 and other special kind of transportation.


Our family guesta describe our meals as “the best food in Peru, yummy, delicious, mouth-watering” “Our cooks and guides are great Cheffs, they will provide you with delicious dishes made with freshly ingredients when camping. We have selected the best local restaurants they are categorized in TripAdvisor with 4.5 bubles out of 5. 

Exclusive accommodations

Our trip packages include overnight stay at camping sites watching the sunset behind the Andean Mountains, and or lodging and stay at hotels for maximum relaxation and enjoyment. Take-in the view from the balcony at many of the numerous hotels in the Aguas Calientes area or a dip at the Colcamayo hot springs.

Whatever you prefer, we always have something for you.


From rugged mountains to jungle forest, from hot springs to cool rivers our Machu Picchu adventure tours means that you can experience some of the finest landscapes in the world. Machu Picchu surroundings are great for camping and ideal for those who love the great outdoors!


The hotels that we provide on our adventure tours are well researched and they are categorized with 4 to 5 bubles out of 5 in TripAdvisor and Booking Com. We use strong 3 star hotels in all our tour packages, they are spacious, confortable and strategically and safely located.

Basic rooms

Some of our special Machu Picchu travel adventure packages take place in remote areas where accommodations are basic and simple, do not expect fancy hotels with hot showers, internet, cable tv, etc. These tours are designed to give you real authentic local travel experience.

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