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Machu Picchu hiking tours offer a vareity oc activieties that will invite you to enjoy this amazing complex to your ow peace and abolition.

Textile systems, developed in Peru over the millennia, represent a treasury of techniques, forms, layouts, and symbolic meanings unique in the world. In the Andes weaving contains many layers of meaning and serves ritual as well as utilitarian functions. Peruvian textiles honor Pachamama, Mother Earth. Peruvian weavers express appreciation for the process of growth and generation, concepts of space, time, and relatedness to other species and the natural world. In the Andes, weavers pass on their knowledge, not by writing, but by the process of person-to-person communication, watching and practicing

Machu Picchu Tours

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Yuncaypata mountain biking (1/2 day)
Lares downhill MTB (1 day)
Huchuy Qosqo biking (1 day)
MTB from the mountains to the jungle (3 days)