River Explorers

Cotahuasi River rafting – Whitewater Arequipa

World's deepest canyon experience (6 days)

River Explorers takes you to explore the deepest canyon in the world. Located in southwest Peru, Cotahuasi rises from a 1000 meters - 3 280 feet high coastal ridge up to closely 5000 meters - 16 404 feet elevation. The majestic massif walls and the pre Incan sites along the river create magnificent views to this constant Peru whitewater Rafting experience.

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The Apurimac Black Canyon rafting 3 days

The Apurimac Black Canyon 3 days
Enjoy the peacefulness of the river mixed with bouncy, easy rapids, tranquil natural swimming pools and thrilling of exploding whitewater camping on secluded sandy beaches
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Upper Urubamba – Two Canyons 2 days

The Two Canyons (2 days)
Outstanding rafting, only recommended during rainy season. The Chuquicahuana and the Quiquijana gorges futures volume of water with huge waves and holes ideal for advanced boaters and the Urcos and Huambutio for beginners and intermediate.
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The Full Apurimac Canyon 6 days

The full canyon River trip (6 days)
One of the finest wilderness all-around rafting experiences in South America. Spectacular scenery, nice sandy beaches, hikes & thrilling Level IV-V rapids through the entire canyon
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Lower Apurimac Grand Canyon, Wallpachaca 4 days

Lower Apurimac Grand Canyon 4 days
If 3 days is not enough, get 1 day extra to enjoy one of the best rafting experiences. Explore spectacular waterfalls, gigantic stone walls and the best of Level IV and V rapids.
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Lower Apurimac 3 day Grand Canyon – Wallpachaca

Lower Apurimac Grand Canyon 3 days
A whitewater paradise! The Grand Canyon rumbles through an extended succession of great rapids and calms pools, offering the finest in class IV & V whitewater rapids
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