Upper Urubamba full day rafting trip

The Upper Section Level II-III (1 day)
The best section for day tours near Cusco city and the best rafting in Peru during rainy season. Choose between level II, III optimal for beginners in dry season and level IV rapids with volume of water for intermediate to advanced in rainy season.
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Lower Urubamba River – Rain Forest Rafting Vacation

The Undiscovered Rain-Forest 3 days
Rafting through jungle villages, twisted mountains, coffee, banana and coca leaf plantations in a warm climate with over 50 fun-filled rapids making this the ideal escape for your next adventure. Available for families friends and groups.
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Lower Urubamba – Edge of the jungle whitewater

Rain Forest Urubamba 2 days
Choose between the intermediate or the advanced section. This trip cover 35 km - 18.5 mi of challenging rapids, typical rain forest nature and visits to local tows. Remember that you can combine any Machu Picchu tours with you preferable rain forest rafting trip.
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Machu Picchu Rafting, rain forest 1 day

Machu Picchu rain forest (1day)
The best section for day tours in Peru during dry season! It offers rafting for beginners, intermediate and advanced boaters, also perfect for families, kids and school groups. The warm weather typical from the rain forest its ideal to get wet, jump or swim on the water!
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Upper Urubamba – Two Canyons 2 days

The Two Canyons (2 days)
Outstanding rafting, only recommended during rainy season. The Chuquicahuana and the Quiquijana gorges futures volume of water with huge waves and holes ideal for advanced boaters and the Urcos and Huambutio for beginners and intermediate.
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Sacred Valley Rafting -Ollantaytambo

Full day

Rafting through the Sacred valley along outstanding Inca ruins, Andean villages, snow capped mountains and challenge gentle rapids perfect for beginners and intermediate boaters during dry season and good for advanced during rainy season.

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