Apurimac black canyon rafting
Duration: The Apurimac Black Canyon 3 days
Location: Moderate to high level.
Price: U$730
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I couldn't ask for more? A superb rafting vacation in every way. The guides chose a perfect balance between high level rafting adventure and safety. Anthony E

The Apurimac Black Canyon

  • The best combination of relaxation and Adventure.

    The Apurimac black canyon 3 day tour wild and exhilarating adventure trip is rich in geological admiration, thrilling whitewater and amazing waterfalls. This odyssey in the Black Canyon section, offers spectacular landscapes, giant granite walls, and more than 1000 meter – 3280 foot deep parallel gorges.

  • Day 1: Cusco - Rocoto - Valley camp

    The Black Canyon trip begins at 8:30 where you will meet your tour leader and board our private van or bus. The drive through the Andean mountains begins in San Sebastian, just 20 minutes south from Cusco. The 20 first km paved road takes you past the highest 4000 meters pass. The road winds through fresh mountains air and panoramic views of cliffs, grassy open sierra, and farms with alpaca and llama animals.   Stand atop the majestic Apurimac River gorge as we begins the descend down the beginning of the rafting tour.

    At the river, we will help organizing the river expedition until all the rafting gear is loaded in the luggage boat. A full orientation at the river’s edge on safety and rafting commands will be given by your guides. After a good lunch, we jump into the boats to practice all commands and instructions explained in the briefing, and only once these are understood the adventure begins!

    After one hour of fun small rapids the river calms giving time to admire the beauty of the canyon passing waterfalls, unique rural bridges and some small local farms. At about 4pm our first camp will be waiting after being for few more hours of river fun. Guides and clients will help setting the camp up, and explanation about river facilities will be given by your guides. Swim, chat or just relax in the sandy camp while guides will make a nice delicious dinner that will be served at 7 pm. Before sleep, the trips leader will give a brief talk about the next day on the River.

    Highest pass: 4100 meters – 13451 ft above sea level
    Altitude at the river: 2312 meters – 7586 ft above sea level
    Distance: Paddling on the river to first camp 8  km – 5 miles

    Day 2: Valley camp - Valle de las Rocas camp

    Our morning call will be at 6:00am and breakfast including fresh fruit salad, oats, bread, yogurt, granola, coffee, tea, and more is served around 7:00am. Then pack up your personal gear while the guides make the camp vanish back in the luggage boat. At about 8:30am, the rafts depart for a day of fun on the river. Learn more about the geography, the local farms and enjoy some moderate level II and III rapids. Another delicious lunch will be ready for you after several kilometers – miles running rapids and enjoying amazing vistas of the river gorge and the mountains.

    Immediately after lunch a tributary stream joins the Apurimac, creating a series of great rapids. There after we continue paddling until our next camp. Once the camp is settled up, you will then relax and enjoy the campfire, read a book, chat, etc; meanwhile your guides set up into a delicious dinner. As usual there will be a briefing about next day tour.

    Altitude at the campsite: 2267 meters – 7438 ft above sea level
    Distance: Paddling on the river to first camp 10  km – 11 miles

    Day 3: Valle de las Rocas - Cusco

    Enjoy your last day listening to the sounds of birds and parrots mixed together with the river close by. One more hearty breakfast will be ready for you, and when ready at the boats, you’ll again take to the river. Today is when we will run the most spectacular rapids such The Abis Trinche, The Wall, El Encuentro all class IV rapids, these rapids are mingled together with small level 3 rapids and calm section in between until arriving at Wallpachaca take out around 13 hours. An exquisite lunch with cold beverage will be waiting for us at the end of the river tour. Once our bus is loaded we will depart to Cusco, it will take 4 hours in a nice scenic drive with vistas of the River canyon and the mountains.

    Highest pass: 4020 meters – 13160 ft above sea level
    Altitude at the end of the river: 2100 meters – 7000 ft above sea level
    Distance: Paddling on the river to first camp 12  km – 7.5 miles

  • What is included?

    • Transportation: To and from the river from your hotel and back
    • All meals: Lots of delicious fresh food. One lunch on day one and day three made in Cusco by our cook, one lunch in the river made by your guides. Breakfast, two breakfast made by your guides on the day two and day three. Dinner; two dinners made on the river by your guides.
    • All rafting equipment: Including the best type V in buoyancy aids, spray jackets, helmets, wet suits with long arms and legs, and paddles. Dry bag; Expedition dry duffel to store personal gear, this are bags with comfortable shoulder straps. Boats; self bailing rafts, kataraft or kayak for safety and luggage boat.
    • All camping equipment: Two persons tent, kitchen tent, tables, chairs, kitchen gear.
    • Satellite phone and GPS emergency communications.
    • Guides: Swift-Water Rescue advanced III and advanced first aid certified and experienced guides.
    • Comprehensive first aid kit:  Including water resistant back pack, water proof cases for cameras and fragile items

    What’s Not Included?

    • For rafting the Apurimac river we recommend to have an insurance covering adventure sports.
    • Gear: Sleeping bag and sleeping pads – may be hired for $25 each.
    • Meals: First breakfast and last dinner on day three is not included.
    • Accommodations: Hotels when off the river.
    • Personal items (see check-list).
    • Tips.
  • Rafting Apurimac -Check list

    On the water
    • Don’t wear heavy cotton if the river is cold, it does not dry easily and provides not warmth. Take dry clothes for after rafting.
    • Closed toe shoes with good gripping soles that can get wet  (Dunlop volleys or light stealth rubber soled runners). No flip-flops on or out the river or anything that comes off easily. Take an extra pair of sport shoes to change into after rafting.
    • One pair of thermal, woolen or neoprene socks.
    • Under wet suit: First swimwear and then a thin, light and comfortable top, pants or suits made from materials that insulate when wet. This includes, pile, fleece, wool, polypropylene etc. but no cotton materials.
    • Shorts: Some wet-suits materials are slippery on the rafts, wearing shorts gives more grip and can help preventing for falling over the raft.
    • Peaked cap
    • Water resistant sunscreen (small).
    • Neoprene or leather gloves to avoid blisters
    • Sunglasses with croakies (strap strip to attach to the two ends of your sunglasses)
    At camp
    • Sleeping bag rated to Comfort 0°C and mattress (rent for U$25)
    • Rain jacket with hood.
    • Fast dry camping pants or tracksuit pants, not jeans or heavy pants, shorts.
    • Two T-shirts.
    • A fleece jacket.
    • Thermal pants and tops.
    • Two pair of socks.
    • Runners or very lightweight boots or Sandals *heavy boots are not necessary for rafting the Apurimac and they can take lots of room in your dry bag.
    • Head flash light (Petzl or similar) small torch plus spare batteries.
    • Biodegradable soap, tooth paste and tooth brush.
    • Woolen or thermal hat (during May to July).
    • Money: You can buy drinks or snacks in the first and last day during the driving.
    • Medication: bring any medications that you use regularly, analgesics etc. We carry our own medications for emergency use.
    • Insect repellent.
    • Spare prescribed glasses or contact lenses; book.
    • Please, avoid wearing jeweler on the River.
  • Departure dates

    Fully flexible. Departures are 100% guarantee with a minimum of 2 people. Our maximum number of people is 18.

The Apurimac Black Canyon map

Apurimac Black Canyon River Trip 2 days
Apurimac rafting Black Canyon 1 day
Lower Apurimac River rafting Black & Granite Canyon 4 days