Duration: The full canyon River trip (6 days)
Location: White water river rafting level III - IV & camping
Price: $2250$2050 :
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River Explorers provides extraordinary once-in-a-lifetime river rafting tours that will leave you excited and some times at bit breathless.
  • Trip Overview

    The full Apurimac whitewater is truly one of the purest rafting adventures in Peru and South America. This trip offers a unique authentic outdoor experience to people who seek adventure and serenity. The Apurimac is the source of the Amazon River and its waters flows through untamed Class III, IV and V rapids, deep, colorful canyons, virgin sandy beaches, ruins and its home for unique animals and plants and other dazzling treasures in a river untouched by human hands.

  • Itinerary

    Briefing the night before departure: Pre-departure information about river canyon, system navigation, personal equipment etc.

    Departure: 8am.
    Return: 4pm.
    River level: II, III, IV and V
    Distance: 125km
    Time in the water: 6 hours a day

    Day 1: Cusco - Rocoto - Rafting - Valle de las Rocas camp

    Day 1: Cusco – Rocoto – Rafting – Valle de las Rocas camp

    Prepare for an exciting Apurimac rafting experience, beginning at your Cusco hotel with our skilled guides and transport team at 8 am. Our journey starts with a thrilling three-hour drive, allowing for captivating pit stops at local communities and scenic miradors en route. Take in the captivating Andean lifestyle and breathtaking mountain vistas during the descent from the highest point at 3850 meters (12631 feet) to Rocoto at 2308 meters (7572 feet).


    Unload gear, prepare boats, and pack essentials with the help of our guides. We provide waterproof duffel bags for your belongings. You’ll be equipped with top-tier gear, including life vests, jackets, wet-suits, helmets, and paddle guards for safety.

    Our experienced head-guide will provide a comprehensive safety briefing, covering rafting protocols, emergency procedures, and river challenges. Practice navigating currents, swimming positions, kayak maneuvers, and rescue strategies. Once you feel confident, our Apurimac adventure begins.


    Under the guidance of our expert head-guide, an extensive safety briefing equips you with the necessary skills to navigate the rapids, master swimming positions, and familiarize yourself with rescue techniques. Feel fully prepared as we embark on our Apurimac odyssey, encountering picturesque valleys lined with Acacias trees against the dramatic backdrop of the Black Canyon’s walls.


    At our sandy campsite, we swiftly transition into camp attire, setting up a cozy base with guidance from our friendly team. Enjoy a refreshing swim and indulge in a delicious dinner prepared by our guides, featuring a variety of mouthwatering dishes. As the night unfolds, take in the beauty of the starlit sky, choosing to rest inside or outside your tent, undisturbed by pesky mosquitoes, under the expansive celestial canopy.

    Meals: Lunch, snacks and dinner.
    Highest altitude: 4150 meters – 13615 feet above sea level.
    Accommodation: Camping tents at 2287 meters – 7503.3 feet above sea level.
    Rafting distance:  4.8 km – 3 miles.

    Day 2: Valle de las Rocas camp - Rafting - The valley camp

    Day 2: Valle de las Rocas camp – Rafting – The valley camp

    Greet the morning with the refreshing aroma of clean river canyon air, accompanied by a steaming cup of invigorating tea or coffee. Indulge in a delectable breakfast before our collective effort to dismantle tents, toilets, and the kitchen, efficiently packing all essentials into dry bags. With everything secured on the boats, we eagerly embark on yet another day of exhilarating escapades and adrenaline-fueled excitement.


    Today’s expedition on the Apurimac River treats us to a series of friendly level II and III rapids, including  mesmerizing vistas of a cascading waterfall and the awe-inspiring walls of the Apurimac River gorge.While the guides unpack cooler boxes with food, drinks and fresh vegetables, we refuel with a satisfying lunch, fortifying ourselves for the adventures that await.


    We will then continue through small rapids perfect to jump into our one man kayaks and experience navigating between calm and slow level II rapids. A well earned rest brings our second camp after unpacking the gear, with enough time to chill out over a nice book and cold beer. As the light begins to fade and the smell of a delicious freshly cooked dinner takes over, the Apurimac River is all ours.

    Meals: Breakfast – lunch, snacks and dinner.
    Highest altitude: 2287 meters – 7503.3 feet above sea level.
    Accommodation: Camping tents at 2248 meters – 7375.3 feet above sea level.
    Rafting distance:  12.42 km – 7.7 miles

    Day 3: The valley camp - Rafting - Sumaru camp

    Day 3: The valley camp – Rafting – Sumaru camp

    Get set for an exhilarating day as you fuel up with a wholesome breakfast. Follow the sun-kissed river as it meanders through serene pools and gentle rapids. Opt for an adventurous ride in either the 1 or 6 person kayaks, immersing yourself in the splendor of the natural surroundings, spotting local wildlife, indulging in a revitalizing swim, or simply unwinding amid the tranquil ambience.

    Post a satisfying lunch, embark on a captivating hike leading to the enchanting Sumaro waterfall. Plunge into its invigorating waters, capture the beauty through your lens, or merely revel in the awe-inspiring vistas that unfold before you. Resume our journey, navigating through a series of mild rapids nestled between the calm and unhurried flow of level II currents, as we head towards our next campsite.

    Meals: Breakfast – lunch, snacks and dinner.
    Highest altitude:  2248 meters – 7375.3 feet above sea level.
    Accommodation: Camping tents at 2195 meters – 7201.4 feet above sea level.
    Rafting distance:  13.1 km –8.1 miles

    Day 4: Subaru camp - Rafting - Space Odyssey camp

    Day 4: Subaru camp – Rafting – Space Odyssey camp

    Get ready to kick off an exhilarating day with a hearty breakfast. As we approach the heart of the Black Canyon, the river narrows, creating a playful symphony of splashes and cascading waters over monumental boulders, crafting an array of thrilling rapids ranging from Class III to IV. Following this surge of adrenaline, the river mellows, providing an idyllic backdrop to savor a delicious riverside lunch, marking the culmination of our journey through the Black Canyon section.

    Bid farewell to the calm and relaxed section of the Apurimac river as we embark on a thrilling adventure through the Granite Canyon. Get ready for an exhilarating ride through the rapids, including the Little Z and the Chute, while enjoying the breathtaking views that showcase the rugged beauty of the canyon walls.

    As we leave behind the Black Canyon, we venture into the Granite Canyon, bracing ourselves for a series of invigorating whitewater rapids, including the Little Z and the Chutte, amidst captivating views that unveil the rugged allure of the canyon walls amidst the spirited rapids. As the canyons narrow and we encounter the Portage rapid level VI, passengers will briefly trek around this section, carrying their dry bags, while our guides manage the rest. Emerging from this thrill, we settle into the breathtaking Space Odyssey camp, boasting colossal stone walls and formations that seem to have emerged from another world, rendering this camp an awe-inspiring sight to behold.

    After unwinding for a few hours, our adept guides will present a piping hot and delightful dinner. Following the meal, bask in the warm glow of the campfire under the starry night, swapping stories, playing cards, and reliving the most thrilling moments from your unforgettable day of Apurimac river rafting.

    Meals: Breakfast – lunch, snacks and dinner.
    Highest altitude:  2195 meters – 7201.4 feet above sea level.
    Accommodation: Camping tents at 2103 meters – 6899 feet above sea level.
    Rafting distance:  16 km – 9.9 miles

    Day 5: Space Odyssey camp - Rafting - The Face camp

    Day 5: Space Odyssey camp – Rafting – The Face camp

    Following a satisfying breakfast, brace yourself for the Minefield section, where a medley of level II, III, and IV rapids await, infusing a rush of excitement into the morning. As the river gradually calms, it navigates through towering walls that soar hundreds of meters above the picturesque green Apurimac river, marking the entrance to the breathtaking Purgatory Gorge. Here, the meticulously polished rock walls, sculpted over millions of years, create an ideal setting for cliff jumping or leisurely swims in the tranquil waters of the Apurimac River.

    Venturing ahead, we encounter the formidable Purgatory rapid level IV, as the entire river converges near a colossal wall, unleashing powerful currents and impressive waves, culminating in a thrilling 3-meter drop that marks one of the Apurimac river’s most exhilarating highlights.

    Pressing on with our expedition, we rendezvous with the Vilcabamba tributary, a serene spot perfect for a brief break. Expect more riveting rapids, including Las Tres Marias and The Z, both boasting the intensity of level IV, before pausing for a well-deserved lunch. Take a leisurely stroll to explore the unique geological wonders of the Canyon or cool off with a refreshing swim while our guides whip up another sumptuous meal.

    Prepare for more thrills as we navigate through the Indiana Jones, The Roller Over, and Window rapids, all classified as class IV, adorned with impressive waves and pockets. Interspersed within these are additional level II and III rapids, leading up to the imminent grandeur of El Trinche, a formidable level IV rapid (escalating to level V from May to June), promising an exhilarating display of colossal waves and challenging currents.

    Before arriving at our second campsite, we’ll gather wood for a cozy campfire. Upon reaching the riverside haven, change into comfortable camp attire and assist our guides in setting up tents. Embrace the tranquil moments by diving into a captivating book, embarking on a leisurely hike, or relishing a refreshing dip in the river.

    Meals: Breakfast – lunch, snacks and dinner.
    Highest altitude:  2103 meters – 6899 feet above sea level.
    Accommodation: Camping tents at 1960 meters – 6430 feet above sea level.
    Rafting distance:  17 km – 10.5 miles

    Day 6: The Table camp - Rafting - Qunyaq breach - Cusco

    Day 6: The Table camp – Rafting – Qunyaq breach – Cusco

    Gear up for an exhilarating ride right after a hearty breakfast, as the river propels us into an action-packed sequence of rapids, promising an instant thrill. In the first hour, prepare to navigate through a narrow gorge teeming with technical rapids like Wake Up, Ramona, and the Labyrinth, all classified as level IV, paving the way for the grand spectacle of the Apurimac River’s largest rapid – the Toothache. Passengers will walk this rapid, while only our adept river guides brave the tumultuous waters.

    Following this, we traverse the final portage and a section of level II and III rapids, leading us to the monumental Babaluba, the grand finale of this exhilarating journey. The safety kayak will lead the way, followed by the luggage boat, ensuring a safe passage for the passengers’ boat. As we enter the initial stretch of the rapid, navigating through narrow channels and rocky terrain, the river momentarily calms before propelling us into an adrenaline-fueled roller coaster ride, plunging through drops and holes with heart-pounding intensity, leaving only fleeting moments before we plunge into the Last Laugh rapid, completely engulfed by the force of this magnificent level V rapid.

    Following this intense section, a series of class II, III, and III+ rapids await us until the journey’s end. Our awaiting private bus will provide a satisfying lunch and refreshing beverages, marking the conclusion of our rafting odyssey. A comfortable two-hour ride back to Cusco awaits us, where we can reminisce about our adventures over a screening of the thrilling rafting escapade on a large screen at one of the local pubs.

    Meals: Breakfast – lunch, snacks and dinner.
    Highest altitude:  1960 meters – 6430 feet above sea level.
    End of the trip: 1852 meters – 6076 feet above sea level.
    Rafting distance:  15 km – 9.3 miles

  • What’s included?

    Meals (5 breakfast, 6 lunches, 5 dinners)

    Professional English-speaking guides, certified in Wilderness First responder and in International Advance Swift-water rescue.

    Safety and professional river system navigation, double tents, private round trip transportation, video and picture service.

    Full equipment first aid kit, including disposable resuscitator (CPR Bag Valve Mask).

    State-of-the-art rafting equipment including hi-flotation life jackets type V, self-bailing rafts, helmets, paddle jackets, dry duffels for personal gear, and special containers for cameras.

    Satellite phone.

    What’s not included?

    Sleeping bag and inflatable mattress (may rent for $30 each per trip).


    What to bring?

    Sleeping bag and inflatable mattress (available to rent for $ 30 per trip), flashlight.

    Clothing: lightweight long trousers, shorts, fleece/thermal top, bathing suit, T-shirts and sandals that covers the whole foot.

    Personal items: eco-friendly toiletries i.e. Bio-degradable no pollutants please!!

  • Safety

    The safety of our guides and clients is our main priority. We have the best rafting guides in Peru whom been running the Apurimac river, they are certified in Swift-water rescue, first aid and most importantly they are experienced, know our Canyon history and they are responsible and fun.

    Choosing between the many rafting outfitters who offer trips to the Apurimac river can be a hard task. Fortunately, we created links so this doesn’t have to be as much work as you might first think.

    Apurimac White Water Safety Tips

    River Rafting – Rules and Regulations

  • Environment

    Apurimac river rafting tours are carefully designed to provide safe and fun adventure tours. We care about the environment, and we work day by day in an effort to prevent contamination and pollution.


    River otter are mostly seeing early mornings, foxes usually after breakfast, condor you will see flying high up in the mountains and some times you can see them flying very low, variety of birds such as tiger heron, eagles, falcons and other are easily seeing during rafting  — dears and puma are difficult but if we are careful its probably that we will see them.

    Garbage disposal

    We have garbage disposal for organic and inorganic trash. All inorganic matter is returned to Cusco, including all human waste (transported by means of cargo boat).


    Warm and arid, it can get a little chilly in the evening during May to August.

  • Departures.

    Flexible departures. We guarantee departures in any date with a minimum of 2 people.

    Seasonal from mid of May to mid of November.

Whitewater rafting Apurimac tour map

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