Mountains at Lares

  • Overview

    Lares trek will amaze you with its uniqueness. This trek is combination of nature lovers and culture. The trek is adorned with lagoons, charming villages and enchanting people. The last day, you will have the whole day to explore Machu Picchu, hike Montaña mountain or Huayna Picchu.

  • Trek Itinerary

    Day 1.

    Meet your River Explorers trip leader at your hotel at 8 am. We travel to the Sacred Valley and Lares scenic byway through one of Cusco’s most beautiful routes with astonishing views of mountains mixed with archaeological ancient cities and charming towns. We’ll met with the rest of the staff cooker, mules as porters and the horseman in Lares, a small town located at 4 hours from Cusco which is the beginning of the Lares trek to Machu Picchu. The horseman will load the gear onto the animals, one this is done our trek adventure begins.

    After a brief orientation of the trek road, we lace up our shoes for a day of trekking into the heart of the Andean Mountains and the top of the Sacred Valley!. It will take two gentle hours hiking to stop for lunch in our strategically situated post with outstanding views of the Andes.

    We will hike for 2 more hours after lunch. Our guide’s favorite, Huacawasi camp is perched on a lofty small valley at 12631 feet – 3850 meters. This peaceful setting is the ideal place to relax and appreciate at the magnificent views of the Wacahuasi surroundings including the charming Andean villages with rustic stone walls and thatched home houses made of ichu (strong grass that grows only at over 3000 meters high).

    Meals Included: 1 breakfast, 1 lunch and 1 dinner.

    Highest pass: Wacahuasi 3850 meters – 12631 feet.

    Hiking distance: 11 km – 6.8 miles

    Camping facilities

    Difficulty: moderate to high

    Day 2

    This will likely be the hardest day of the Lares trek, with 5 hours of constant hike along the Lares Mountains trail, until the highest pass Ipsayccasa Pass (4550 meters/ 14 927 feet) much of which is exposed to the full blast of the sun. However, the benefit of the effort is the chance to connect with the nature and learn the Andean villager’s customs and their way of life. At the top, we will glimpse the colorful canopy of the Andes over lagoons and valleys, lamas and alpacas herds.

    The trail as it descends through the highest pass is connected directly into the Ipsayccasa lagoon wich brings unique wild life such as Andean Caracara and Geese, Ouna Ibis and other mountain birds. Along the hike, small springs and ravines offer rewarding side trips that are perfectly blended with the trail. We will overnight at the side of the Ipsayccasa lagoon, enjoying in the accomplishment of completed the hardest day that now is behind us.

    Meals Included: 1 breakfast, 1 lunch and 1 dinner.

    Highest pass: Ipsayccasa 4550 meters – 14 927 feet

    Hiking distance: 11 km – 6.8 miles

    Camping facilities: Tents, portable toilets, no showers.

    Difficulty: High.

    Day 3

    As we wake up and breathe jolly the fresh Andean air, get ready for one more day of exclusive mountain beauty that solely Lares trek can offer.

    Hiking directly from the camp, our Lares Trek  adventure continues, taking enjoyment in the relative light of descending!, nonetheless, good care still must be taken as the drops in some parts of the hike are little difficult. The trail takes us along an open valley with grassy sierra until the village of Patacancha, a great time to do a little textile spotting; this area is famous for their treasury of methods, designs and quality weaving expressing believes, concepts of space, and the connection to other people and animals.

    We find ourselves once again at our easy hiking through Willoq community including Huayruros villagers known by their colourful red and black clothing Huayruro is a seed with one black spot that covers one-third of its area “Custom tells that the Huayruro is a symbol of good luck, fortune and fame.

    We will reach the end of the trekking after about 2 – 3 hours total hiking. Our van will take us to Ollantaytambo to have lunch and after to the station to connect with el train to Aguas Calientes (town below Machu Picchu). It takes 2 hours in an exciting ride on a train with panoramic windows offering hidden sights of the Urubamba river Canyon with Inca ruins, sculpted stone cliffs and forest that slowly covers as we descend more into the Canyon. At Aguas Calientes we will check into a lovely hotel.

    You can bask in the gratification of accomplish something special, a full pass to pass crossing of the Andean Mountains. Your guide will organize a meal to celebrate.

    Meals Included: 1 breakfast, 1 lunch and 1 dinner.

    Highest pass: Ipsayccasa 3650 meters – 11975 feet

    Hiking distance: 7 km – 4.3 miles

    Camping facilities: Hotel, private bathroom and hot showers.

    Difficulty: Low.

    Day 4

    This will likely be the day that everyone was waiting for in the Lares trek. To make this experience more memorable, we plan to arrive early to our last destination.  After breakfast and beginning right at Aguas Calientes bus station,  an engaging, meandering drive road leads to MACHU PICCHU. An undeniable treasure and a world heritage site. Machu Picchu express the essence of Peru’s culture and its magnificent structures and outstanding scenery have been immortalized by millions of visitors, historians, archaeologists and photographers.

    Hikes around the complex are easy as well as difficult and with no doubt you’ll find a hike that will suit to you. Climb the Huayna Picchu a 360 m – 1,180 ft peak that elevates behind Machu Picchu. Other popular trails are Montaña or Intipunku.

    Continuing with the program, you will meet with your guide and the rest of the group after taking the bus to Aguas Calientes to catch the train to Ollantaytambo or Cusco. (Depending of the train availability we may stop at Ollantaytambo, from here you will get transfer to Cusco and then to your hotel).

    Meals Included: 1 breakfast.

    Highest pass: 2500 m – 8202 ft. If hiking Huayna Picchu 2720 m – 8924 ft

    Hiking distance: 5 km – 3.1 miles

    Difficulty: Medium.

  • What’s included?

    Transportation: Customize van/bus from Cusco to Lares. One-way bus tickets from or to Aguas Calientes, train tickets in The Expedition service to Ollantaytambo or Cusco.

    Accommodation: One night in 3 star accommodation and 2 nights camping. Upgrade your hotel category, prices starting at U$ 44  in Aguas Calientes; ask for more information.

    Camping gear: Spacious 4 seasons tents, dinner, kitchen and toilet tents and sleeping pads (Rent inflatables mattress for U$ 25)

    Porters: Mules assisted.  

    Guides: Service of one professional English-speaking guide.

    Machu Picchu: Entrance tickets to Machu Picchu and Huayna Picchu, complete private guided tour in Machu Picchu.

    What’s not included?

    First breakfast, last lunch and dinner, bus ticket to and from Machu Picchu.

  • What to bring?


    • Sleeping bag: Minus 10 °C – 50 °F  lightweight, down or synthetic filled. You can rent this for 25 u$ for 4 days.
    • Inflatable sleeping pad: More better comfort you can bring your own inflatable mattress (rent this for U$ 25)
    • Flashlight or headlamp: Remember bringing an extra batteries.
    • Towel: Travel towel if possible.
    • Sunscreen: At list 30 UV and sunglasses UV rated.
    • Lip balm.
    • Pocket knife
    • Toilet paper: You need to pack this out and bring 2 plastic bags for protection.


    • Long pants: Not jeans!
    • Shorts.
    • Long sleeved shirt.
    • T-shirt.
    • Wool or synthetic sweater.
    • Fleece or insulated top.
    • Hat for shade.
    • 3 pairs of socks 2 for hiking and 1  war for evenings.
    • Warm gloves.
    • Hat for shade
    • Warm hat.
    • Underwear, long thermals for evenings.
    • Bandanna.
    • Bathing suit-swimming at your own risk.
    • Hiking boots: must be broken in.
    • Rain gear: Rain jacket and pants.
    • Mosquito repellent.