Peru has become one of most sought-after destinations in South America because it offers something different than anywhere else on earth. Peru may not be everyone’s first choice for a beach destination but the Peruvian coast has some truly amazing beaches. These destinations are perfect if you’re looking to relax with miles of white sand, clear blue water and breathtaking views

Our beach vacation packages

Are you planning a trip to Peru and want to see something other than ruins? Our country has 2,500 km of coastline where you will find all kinds of surprises and wonders that are yet to be discovered. The beaches of Peru are not so well known among tourists, so they are ideal to find peace and tranquility in dream landscapes. The waters of the north of the country are warm throughout the year and are bordered by coconut trees. The incredible unspoiled nature of the center and south of the country will take your breath away. Peru is full of beautiful and varied landscapes that invite you to relax but also to discover the rich culture of this splendid country.

Ways of travel – how will you experience Peru?


Family tours

We offer different tours and we can adapt any one of them according to the preferences or age levels of your little ones! Choose from our wide variety, let us know which is best suited for their needs so as not to disappoint anyone on this once-in-a-lifetime experience.


Couple tours

Can you imagine traveling with your best friend or lover? Choose from our diverse packages for an unforgettable trip that has everything one could dream about: Peru’s beautiful beaches and ancient ruins; its bustling cities teeming with life as well as luscious nature sights.

Which destinations will I explore?

Machu Picchu

Machu Picchu was built in one of the most dangerous and difficult places on Earth! Yet, can withstand earthquakes, rains and erosion while still being aesthetically pleasing with their architecture fitting seamlessly into the environment around them.


Cusco was the capital of the Inca Empire, so you must already be thinking of all the attractions Cusco has to offer. Cusco was designated by many organizations as one the most beautiful city in South America.

Sacred valley

This place is home to traditional markets, villages, high mountain peaks, rivers and ancient ruins perched strategically along the valley, rich in history and perfect for adventurous whom wish to hike and explore!

Lake Titicaca

Lake Titicaca, have an unmatched cultural wealth with a connection to ancient Quechua & Aymara cultures that live on its islands such as Taquile and Amantani but it also holds a special place, the Uros islands known for its impressive floating islands..

Colca Canyon

Home of condors, hot springs, colonial villages and beautiful nature! This Canyon is a testament to Mother Nature’s creativity. Its deep and narrow canyon was carved by the Colca river, which cuts into walls that drops thousands meters down to the bottom.

Peru beaches

It’s not often that you come across a hidden gem in the South American continent, however this is exactly what Peru’s beaches have to offer. The soft sand and clear blue waters are waiting for you who want time away from it all – perfect if tranquility is your priority.


Varying in length and type, your Peruvian beach vacations are something you won’t regret.

Public transportation

Public transportation

We want you to have the best possible experience when visiting our country, while also giving back and learning about the culture of where you are traveling! With this reason public transportation is a way of sharing with locals.
We make sure that your safety is our priority and therefore, the bus company we use between Lima, Paracas, Nazca and Arequipa is Cruz del Sur.
For day-long journeys we use their panoramic buses which offer great views. But what about if you want something more comfortable? For night service of this same line offers 180-degree reclining seats and Cruz del Sur is considered one of Peru’s most reputable transportation companies when it comes to safety, comfort and service.


Tourist service

Enjoying the view along your journey is a big part of going on vacation, so you can take in more than just what’s outside. The different modalities we use allow you to move between Arequipa, Puno and Cusco with ease.  The tourist bus from Colca Canyon will stop at one scenic vista after another along its journey to Puno or to Colca Canyon. When travelling between Puno and Cusco the Sun Route offers different guided tours to the many different attractions which offer plenty more insight into ancient cultures.


Train service

The Peruvian train is an experience. It’s only offered between Aguas Calientes (the City Below Machu Picchu) and Cusco, but there are also three different trains departing each going one way that lasts 10 hours Puno-Cusco/Puno respectively!

You’ll love the train we use in our packages. It’s called Vistadome. You’ll feel as if you are on top of the world with your own private sky deck, including snacks and a live show that will make for some unforgettable memories!

The best part about this ride? The panoramic windows allow travelers to take in all their surroundings.

The train zigzags through the beautiful Andean landscape, leaving behind lush forests and mountain views. Dense jungle covers the mountainsides as the Urubamba River cuts through these treacherous places to create canyons lined with giant walls at every turn in this incredible journey through Mother Nature’s magnificent masterpiece!


Private Transportation

Our transportation is private for the transfers from bus terminals, airports and train stations. In Cusco all transportation is private. This type of transport allows us exclusive access to guided tours in Cusco, Sacred Valley, Maras Moray and other tourist circuits and ensures that no one will bother you while traveling anywhere during your vacation; we do this by providing high-end cars and vans which guarantee our comfort level.

Which hotels are included in my beach vacation Packages?


We’ve made your dream of a perfect beach vacation come true. Our carefully selected hotels are all different, and they have both modern and colonial characteristics to offer! All in addition they’ve got high-score reviews from travelers on TripAdvisor or BookingCom.

The perfect Peru vacation is just a click away! All of our Peruvian vacation packages come with a three-star hotel. For those looking for something more exclusive, there are four- and five-star options available as well!

Some of the hotels we work with are.


Casa Andina hotel Zorritos

It features amazing palm forest and lounge with great view of the sea, as well as swimming pools and spa treatments.

Andes Mar hotel Lima

Spacious rooms, fully equipped to make you comfortable and high-quality service. Our staff is pleased to serve!

El Andariego hotel Cusco

Our gardens and rooms are a perfect reflection of the history we have combined with our present day.

Gringo Bills Machu Picchu

What’s not to love at this mid-range hotel? You’ll feel right at home with its cool vibe, cosmic artwork and top terrace.