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  • Rafting in Peru offers outstanding rivers for rafting adventures in the Coast, Andes and the Amazon jungle. Whether rafting the Apurimac River, the Tambopata or the Yavero river you will have the rafting tour of a lifetime. No matter which trip or river you choose, we assure great fun, breathtaking scenery and some of Peru’s best rafting guides.

    Join us on a tour absolutely free of distractions, discover the serenity of floating down rivers, and explore Peru’s natural wonders. With RIVER EXPLORERS you will see for yourself why so many call this “the best rafting trip of their life”.

  • Rivers for rafting in Lima

    Peru’s geography is wild, from north to south, east to west Peru’s nature is simply fantastic and the perfect place for rafting activities. The are over  100 rivers in all Peru from which only 8 rivers are know for rafting. Whether you are in the Coast, Andes or jungle there is a river for all ages and abilities.

    With River Explorers you get the best choice of fantastic Peru rafting activities everywhere you go! Discover the exhilaration of whitewater rafting. The thrilling rush of rapids, the magnificent views, the excitement of exploring hidden parts of the Inca land and much more on Peru’s rivers.

    Rafting in Lima


    Lima is the capital of Peru with more than 10 million of people. There 34 rivers in the Peruvian coast, and only few is eligible for rafting activities. Lima, offers one popular destination for your whitewater adventure, the Cañete River, located south of Lima.

    Cañete River

    Lunahuaná is a small town located in the Cañete Province. The town lies about 3 hours driving from Lima in the charming valley of Lunahuaná and near the Cañete River side.

    Cañete is a combination of amazing scenery and exciting Peru rafting rapids. This River offers tours for beginners, families to advanced rafters. You can find class II, III and IV rapids more than any other Peru rafting river in the coastal side. The best season for rafting in Cañete River is summer (December to March).

    You can choose between many different sections according to your expertise for families, beginners, intermediate or advanced.

    Paullo Socsi

    Get exciting Class II and II+ rapids suitable for families with kids from 6 years old and for people or groups looking for non extreme whitewater adventure.

    Puente Colgante – Lunahuaná

    Suitable for beginners and for adventurous looking for a mild rafting tour. This is in fact the most popular rafting section in Lunahuana, but still it satisfies intermediate and advanced rafters with its continuous Class III rapids.

    Ruta Lunahuaná – Paullo

    In the excitement of this  rocky raging section are many continuous Class III and technical IV rapids. Lunahuana Paullo is appropriate for advanced rafters as well as for intermediate and beginners athletic and active people.

    Arequipa Rafting

    Rivers for rafting in Arequipa

    Rivers in Arequipa offers a different level for rafting enthusiasts to choose, they offer challenging whitewater, history and unique natural beauty. Different options are available from half day and one day trips in the Majes or Chili River or extend your adventure up to 6 days in The Cotahuasi River one of the deepest canyons in the world.

    Chili River

    If you want a quick adventure choose the popular half day whitewater rafting on the Chili River. The section for rafting in this river its just located at only 25 minutes from the city.

    Majes River

    Looking for a longer adventure?, choose full day tours with exciting rapids, nice scenery and great rapids on the Majes River.

    Amazon Jungle

    Rivers for rafting in the Amazon Jungle

    The Amazon rain-forest is the thermometer of our planet. More than half of the plant and animal species live in this area. The forests also contain and store enormous amounts of rivers from which only few are opened for rafting activities. From all the rivers there are only 4 rivers available for commercial rafting in Amazon jungle.

    Tambopata River Rafting

    If you are looking for a true rafting expedition with nice rapids in an outstanding setting, the The Tambopata rafting is for you. Explore a unique whitewater experience in one of the world’s richest ecosystems.


    After many expeditions conducted by River Explorers and Earth River team, the Yavero, a river rafting gem is opened for visitors. One of the worlds biggest marvels, Machu Picchu and a hided pearl, the Pongo de Mainique gorge, are part of this incredible adventure. It begins with a drive through an astonishing scenic ride from the Andes to the rain forest. The rafting begins at Lacco breach, a place that once was the door to enter the lost Incan gold city of Paititi. Along the River, experience towering cliffs and steep slopes with abundant forest, native tribes, hikes into the jungle, water falls and much more. Yavero River is an adventure recommended for only serious whitewater enthusiasts. This place is easily ranked as one of the most uniquely whitewater river adventure travel in the world.

    Cusco rafting

    River for rafting in Cusco

    Cusco region has one of the largest concentrations of navigable rivers in the South America. You won’t find another place in Peru with access to such a different number of rivers to raft. People from all over the world come to see Machu Picchu, but that is not only what Peru has to offer. Whether you are planning a trip with friends, coworkers or family, our Cusco rafting tours has a river for you to explore and enjoy.

    The Urubamba




    Santa Rosa Chaullay

    Chaullay Quillabamba

    Quillabamba Echarate

    The Apurimac

    The Black Canyon

    The Grand Canyon

    Choquequirao San Martin

    The Yavero

    The Yanatile

  • Choosing a river for rafting in Peru

    To ensure the best whitewater rafting experience we created guidelines that will help rafting enthusiasts to pick a river for your adventure according to your experience, fitness level, ability and age. River Explorers provides the best team of rafting guides who are genuine, insightful, approachable, eager to share their passion for the river and local culture and they been chosen for their ability to make your trip safe, fun and unforgettable. Give us a call or send us an e-mail to discuss which trip is best suited for you.

    We ask for some rafting experience for trips of more than 2 days, and for rivers with constant rapids of level IV and V.  The best section to start your rafting adventure will be,

    Near Lima in the region of Lunahuana you will find the Cañete River, who offer great rafting adventures for all. The Lunahuana Paullo is the best choice for beginners.

    In Arequipa, you have one choice, the Chili River which is a good option for beginners and definitely can satisfied intermediate rafters.

    With so many rivers, Cusco rafting options are wide for rafting in Peru. There are several rivers and many different sections for beginners.

    The Urubamba river offer rafting tours all year long. This river offer activities north of Cusco, Sacred Valley and in the rain forest. The Ollantaytambo section in the Sacred Valley is perfect for first timers, families and school groups. According the season, its also important to mention that the Chuquicahuana section in the upper part of the  Urubamba River is good for beginners and intermediate rafters during dry season. Urcos and Piñipampa are the best choices for rafting during rainy season.

    The rain forest is another section and for us is the best place for beginners during dry season. Contact us for more info.

    The Apurimac river offers outstanding rafting experiences. The Black canyon 2 or 3 days is the best choice for beginners with good fitness level.

  • Peru rafting – What is included

    Having the right gear it becomes part of our identity. This description is an overview of the gear that we provide to all our rafting visitors. The gear differs from one river to another and from day to multi day river trips.

    On the River


    Dry-suits, or wet-suits, wet-suits are normally provided by us, if you wish bringing your own, consider the thickness and if you’ll need full length, or shorts.


    Life jackets

    Life vest known as Personal Flotation Devices. These PFDs need always be properly worn when rafting. According the level of river you choose, there are numerous options. We provide type type V PFDs for all our tours around Peru, these are designed for whitewater activities and are approved for river rapids use by the American Coastguard  and the ministry of tourism in Peru.


    River rafting helmets

    Helmets need to protect the forehead, temples and back of head and must fit the head perfectly with a chin strap. Our helmets are strong with foam and harness for better adjustment that protects your whole head including ears.


    Self bailing boats

    All River Explorers boats including luggage and boats for trainees are self baling. But, what does self bailing means? Self bailing rafts are built with an inflated floor that stands slightly higher than the river surface and has drainage holes around the raft so when water comes inside the boat, it runs through the drainage holes back into the river again.

    Oars - Paddles

    Oars and paddles

    We use paddles designed exclusively for river rafting. There is a difference between a paddle or oar boat. The best way to classify a boat is in the conditions of how they are powered. In an oar boat, one person (guide) seats in the center of the raft whom uses oars in each side of the raft to powered the boat and runs the rapids, making it a good to better control the raft, this gear is the most used for carrying lots of gear for multi day trip expeditions. With a paddle boat everyone in the raft included the guide has one paddle working as a team, where the passengers help the guide to maneuver the boat down the river.


    Rescue lines

    Luggage boat


    Kayaks for safety


    Dry bags

    River shoes

  • Find below the frequently asked questions, if yo don’t find the right answer, please contact us, or give us a call.

    What kind of vacation trips does Peru Rafting offer?

    Rivers for rafting in Peru offer a broad variety of tours activities. Choose rafting in the coast, the Andes or in the Amazon Jungle and get the full experience of your rafting vacations in Peru. Every river offers different sections for different levels. From kids of 8 years old to seniors, Rivers in Peru are available for families, friends, school groups, couples, and for novices, intermediate and advanced boaters. River Explorers offer trips that allow you to enjoy the splendor of Peru Rivers for as little as half days or as long as 11 days of expedition tours. You decide what is best for you!

    When is the best time for rafting in Peru?

    This depends where you will like to go rafting and what kind of river is that you are looking for. In the coast the only option is the Cañete River and the best time for rafting is summer (January to April). In Cusco, one day rafting tours are open all year long for the upper Urubamba. The Urubamba rain forest, Apurimac river, the Tambopata and the Cotahuasi are open only during dry season (May to November). For rafting in the Urubamba river close to Cusco, the best time is mid December to April, rainfall makes the Urubamba rapids exceptional for rafting with constant waves, holes from beginning to end. Near Machu Picchu, explosive rapids with volume of water are best from May to December. To raft the Apurimac River, the best time is May and June, just after the raining season is over, making the Apurimac one of the world’s best river for rafting. However, the Apurimac river is always fun any time during dry season, this river guarantees fun 100%.

    Do I need rafting experience?

    Yes and no, depending of your physical conditions and most important the level of rapid from which to choose we will let you know if the River is suitable for your experience. So, for levels between II and III you do not need previous rafting experience. For level IV and V, we highly recommend previous rafting experience.

    The river is composed by rapids which are categorized in different levels, to be more specific from Level II to VI. If you are a first timer rafter and you chose a River which include Level V rapids, you will only allow to run all the II and III and III+ rapids and only if the guides consider that you are ready to run a level IV, they may accept you going through the rapids. For level V rapids even experienced rafter will be tested before.

    Before every tour starts there is a safety briefing about the river, gear, raft and commands plus a practice in the river before entering the rapids. In the case of expedition River trips with level IV and V rapids, there is a briefing and this is normally followed by an extensive practice of all the instructions given in the safety briefing. This practice consist in teaching the crew the proper techniques of paddling, how to hold on to the raft in case you fall out of the raft, how to grab the rescue lines, how to hold on to the safety kayak, how to float when entering the a rapids, and many other instructions. This may sound a little complicated and threatening, but at the moment of the practice this is a lot OF FUN and gives clients the chance to better understand and experience the river.

    How far in advance can I make a reservations for rafting in Peru?

    Adventure tourism is a growing marked in Peru. Visitors are now looking for active and adventure activities all around Peru and specially rafting is one the most popular choices for tourist, we at River Explorers recommend to make your reservation with good time in advance. Reservations for 1 day tours can be done with one week in advance. Reservations for tours of more than 1 day we recommend to  book your rafting adventure with at least one month to your tour departure.

    How can I make a reservation?

    You can ask for availability and make  your reservation online at contact@riverexplorers.com or by calling us at 51 84431116

    What kind of food is served in the Peru Rafting trips?

    Our clients describe our food as, delicious and tasty! We offer vegans and vegetarian dietary options. Before every tour departures we carefully plan and organize a wide range of menu options. Our food contains a healthy balance of beef, chicken, fish and pastas including fresh vegetables, fruits and breads as well as desserts and happy hours with popcorn, hot beverages, sodas, wines and  beers.

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