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Best Peru rafting tours: White water river trips

Peru is the place where whitewater rafting dreams come true! From the coast to the Andes and in the Amazon jungle, adventure awaits at every twist and turn. On the Apurimac, Tambopata, Yavero rivers, River Explorers give you the opportunity to take the Peru rafting tour of a lifetime! No matter which trip or river you choose, we guarantee great fun, remarkable scenery, and some of Peru’s best rafting guides to take you on Peru rafting tours that will satisfy your adventurous side!

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Clear away the distractions in your life on our Peru rafting tours while discovering the serene calm of rafting down rivers and plummeting into Peru’s world of extraordinary natural wonders. River Explorers is the king of Peru whitewater river rafting trips, continually called “the best rafting trip” by all of our customers

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Rocoto – Qunyaq

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Amazon rafting tour

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Our awesome whitewater rafting tour destinations

The wild geography of Peru runs north to south and east to west with phenomenal nature all around. There are over 100 rivers in the entire country for you to choose, though only 9 are known for rafting. Whether you want to explore the coast, the Andes, or the jungle, we have you covered with a Peru rafting tour for all ages and abilities. River Explorers gives you the best choices for exhilarating whitewater rafting. Feel the thrill of the rushing rapids, see the magnificent views, and indulge in the excitement and history of the Inca land all along the rivers of Peru. We take you into the heart of it with expertise and experience to give you the best trip of your life

Our specials

At River Explorers, we started with the idea of running only on rivers we loved, offering the most difficult and off-the-beaten-path river adventures. Since then, we’ve add more commercial rivers and expanded the style of our trips so that even beginners can raft with us.

From Level 5, remote, expedition-style challenges to beginner courses that will give first-timers a thrilling experience, we have it all. We thrive on those unknown and wild adventures that pursue the spirit of freedom and adventure, so if you’re looking for a wild time, we’ve got you covered.

But even if this is your first adventure, you don’t have to have any experience or spend the night camping if you don’t want to. We have a variety of Peru rafting tours to suit every type of adventurer from novice to advanced, from rustic to those who would prefer to retire to a 5-star hotel at the end of their day-long adventure with us. All you need is to participate fully, be ready for teamwork, and get into the adventure. Check out our specials below for your ultimate Peru whitewater rafting tour!

After many expeditions conducted by River Explorers and Earth River team, the Yavero, a river rafting gem is opened for visitors. It features getting up close with Machu Picchu and the hidden gem of the Pongo de Mainique Gorge. It’s pure paradise with a wild adventurous whitewater rafting ride. Choose your adventure up to Level IV.

Want a little bit of everything in your Peru whitewater rafting tour? Then choose the Tambopata rafting option. The Tambopata river traverses two highly-protected ecosystems at the Tambopata and the Candamo National Parks.

Make your wildest rafting adventures come true in Peru on the Apurimac. This river gives you Levels III to V, ideal for intermediate to advanced rafters. The sublimely stunning scenery enveloping you at every turn with high solid rock canyons, towering waterfalls, and unique wild life complete the picture of perfection.

Join our Amazon Jungle rafting tours

The famed Amazon rain-forest covers over 60% of Peru’s lands, plus it contains and stores enormous sections of rivers, only a handful of which are open for you to enjoy.

Our rafting tours take place in the jungles of Cusco, Puno and Puerto Maldonado, each place offers excellent whitewater rafting for any level or ability. You’ll find many other outfitters on some of the rivers, but we have access to rivers they don’t, giving you a more unique, untouched, and unspoiled whitewater rafting experience.  Our exclusive terrain only for River Explorers is the Yavero River in the  Megantony National Park and The Tambopata River located in the National Reserve of  Candamo.

If you’re looking for an exciting way to spend your vacation, consider combining this rafting trip with any tour in Machu Picchu. Transfer included to Cusco!

Enjoy warm, sunny weather with rapids for everyone to experience! It’s the kind of trip that can be combined seamlessly alongside with your Machu Picchu tour!

Arequipa white water rafting tours

Rivers in Arequipa offer a variety of different levels for rafting enthusiasts to choose. There are half-day and one-day trips to the Majes or Chili rivers, or you can keep the adventure going for up to 6 days on the Cotahuasi River, known as one of the deepest canyons anywhere in the world. These challenging excursions bring big whitewater along with rich history and pristine natural beauty unlike anything you’ve ever experienced.

The Chili River is your option in you want add a little of excitement to your vacation in Arequipa. This river is located only few minutes away from Arequipa city and offers constant and fun rapids.

Majes River is a gem hidden in the Arequipa Region. Enjoy between 3 to 4 hours of thrilling river rapids in a river away from civilization! a delicious lunch is included at the end

Cusco white water river rafting tours

The Cusco region has one of the most extensive and largest concentrations of navigable rivers in all of South America. There’s no other place like it in Peru either, giving you a huge choice for access to different rivers you can raft with River Explorers. While many come to explore Machu Picchu and we can take you there too, there is much to explore and enjoy whether you’re coming with friends, family, or even coworkers.  Cusco has a river for you no matter what kind of adventure you’re looking for!

Join us for two days of camping, hiking and whitewater rafting in the Apurimac River canyon. You will enjoy thrilling III & IV rapids on your journey!

One of our most popular rafting trips on the hearth of the Sacred Valley. Enjoy fun rapids and beautiful scenery. You can combine this tour with any Machu Picchu or Sacred Valley tour.

Lima, Paracas or Ica rafting - Cañete River

Here on the coast, there are 34 rivers and just a handful of them are eligible for rafting. At only 2 hours from Paracas and 3 hours from Lima, one of the most popular Peru rafting tours is on the Cañete River. The Cañete is a combination of peculiar scenery and exciting whitewater rapids. We have tours here for beginners, families, and advanced rafters all ranging from Level II, III, and IV, more options than any other coastal Peru whitewater rafting experience. The best season for rafting in Cañete River is summer so book your trip from December to March.

When it comes to beginner white water rafting, the Cañete River offers some of the most user-friendly stretches. Perfect for first timers!

Paullo Socsi is one of the most thrilling rafting sections in Lunahuana. Its available for intermediate to advanced boaters. 

Impeccable safety standards

Professional & fully certified river guides

State-of-the-art river rafting gear

Who can go?

How would you like to expend your rafting vacation in Peru? maybe, just with your love one, your family or friends? no worries in any case we have groups for every taste! 

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We love school groups

Most our rafting tours are ideal for school groups  in river sections specially chosen for energetic youngsters. We include all rafting gear, delicious lunch and th best Peru’s river guides!

River rafting tour for families

Get your kids off their devices and into our rafts for a real adventure they’ll actually call their friends about rather than text. Depending on the age of y our children, the length of your stay, and the style, we have fantastic Peru whitewater rafting tours for families with kids from 4 years old to more.

Happy couple rafting

Life time experiences for couples

Bring your lone one closer together with a real adventure and one that doesn’t involve overpriced private tour. River Explorers offers rafting trips that are perfect for just lovers.

Choosing the right river for your rafting adventure!

For the best whitewater rafting experience in Peru, we have created guidelines so you can choose according to your experience, fitness level, ability, and age range.

River Explorers is proud to provide you with the best rafting guides in Peru. We’ve chosen them not just for their experience in the sport but also because they are genuine, approachable, and insightful, plus they are eager to share the experience and thrills of Peru’s rivers with you and help you get up close and integrated into the local culture. We trust them completely to keep you safe while giving you a fun and unforgettable time. Call or email us so we can help you plan your Peru whitewater rafting tour.

These guidelines can help you choose, but if you’re still not sure, contact us and we’ll be happy to help

We ask for some rafting experience for trips of more than 2 days, and for rivers with constant rapids of level IV and V.  The best section to start your rafting adventure will be near Lima in the region of Lunahuana on the Cañete River, great for everyone. The Lunahuana Paullo though is the best choice for beginners.

In Arequipa, you have one choice – the Chili River – which is a good option for beginner while still satisfying intermediate rafters.

With so many rivers, Cusco rafting options are ideal for anyone. There are several rivers and many different sections for beginners too, so no need to feel shy!

The Urubamba River has rafting tours year-round. This river offer activities north of Cusco, Sacred Valley and in the rain forest. The Ollantaytambo section in the Sacred Valley is an ideal choice for first-timers, families and school groups. And depending on the season, the Chuquicahuana section in the upper part of the  Urubamba River is good for beginners and intermediate rafters during dry season. Urcos and Piñipampa are the best choices for rafting during the rainy season.

The rainforest is another section though beginners should approach it during the dry season only. It’s quite an amazing way to see Peru through whitewater rafting.

The Apurimac river offers outstanding rafting experiences and if you’re a beginner that really wants a multi-day adventure, try the Black Canyon for 2 or 3 days, as long as you have a good fitness level.

Frequently asked questions

We’ve compiled a list of the questions we’re asked most often. If you don’t see the answer you’re looking for or have additional questions, please contact us and we’ll be happy to help.

Not necessarily. It depends on your physical condition and the level of the rapids you’re interested in. Contact us and we’ll be happy to discuss it with you to help you choose an adventure that suits your level. As a general rule of thumb, we urge beginners to stay away from Level IV and V as that really requires previous rafting experience though for Levels II and III, beginners should be fine

Peru is the meca for rafting adventures. Each river offers different sections suitable for all levels. According to your white water rafting experience you can choose different sections. We suggest you to always start with level I, II and III if you are a beginner and then move to higher level. 

It ultimately depends when you want to go rafting and what type of river experience you want to have. On the coast, the only option is the Cañete River and the best time for rafting is summer (January to April). In Cusco and Arequipa, one-day rafting tours are open all year long. River expeditions longer than 2 days in Cusco, the Amazon Jungle, and Arequipa are available only during dry season (May to November).

Having the right gear is a must for enjoying your Peru whitewater river rafting tour and at River Explorers, we bring it all. The gear will differ from each river and depending on how long your excursion is. Full private transportation is included in all our trips. Rafting gear such as self-bailing boats, paddles, Type V PFD, helmets, and paddle jackets are mostly for places with warm weather (Lunahuaná and Amazon Jungle rivers) while wet-suits are available in places with cold weather (Cusco and Arequipa). For full-day and multi-day trips, all meals, snacks, and drinks are included. For expedition trips, luggage boat, chemical toilets, and full camping gear is all included. All you need to worry about is having the time of your life!

Participants can only joing our rafting tours only if you sing sign an Acknowledgment of Risk, this document describes challenges and the hazards that you will encounter while of our whitewaterrafting trips.

Yes, you do need travel and cancellation insurance.

We offer a broad array of tour activities to satisfy every adventure. You can raft on the coast, in the Andes, or in the Amazon Jungle. All the rivers in Peru have different sections that are fitting for different levels. We can take children from ages 8 and up to seniors. Families, friends, school groups, couples, advanced , intermediate, and everyone, even people who have never rafted before, are welcome with us. We only ask that you know how to swim and select the right level for you. We have trips that are half-day, one-day, or multi-day, up to 11 days long. Let us know what kind of adventure you want and we can help you plan it. We can even add on other excursions for you on land!
Because adventure tourism is in high demand in Peru, we encourage you to make your reservations as soon as possible. For one-day tours, you can make your reservations a week in advance though with longer tours, we recommend you book at least one month in advance of your tour departure to secure your spot.

Our clients are always pleasantly surprised by our food. It’s delicious, nutritious, and ideal for everyone. We even have vegan and vegetarian options. We plan and organize a wide array of menu options to suit our adventurers with a healthy balance of chicken, fish, beef, and pastas plus fresh vegetables, fruits, and breads. And, we even have desserts and happy hour fare with popcorn, hot beverages, sodas, wine, and beer, making for a merry and memorable experience even when we’re not in the raft.

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