River scale

All our rivers for rafting in Peru are internationally classified on six levels from Class I to Class VI.

  • Class I

    There are no serious obstacles

    Very easy with moving water that include some small waves. Level I rapid

    Perfect for all ages and abilities.

    No need of safety kayak.

    No need of experience in maneuvering.

    No need of a river guide, but we always recommend some one who knows a little about river.

    Wear always a life vest even if the river is calm.

    No experience is needed.

    You can find this level of rapids in any of our white water rafting tours in Peru.

    Class II

    Easy rapids of low difficulty

    Is easy to run without scouting.Level II rapid

    Some maneuvering might be required.

    Obstacles are easily avoided.

    Suitable for everyone.

    Recommend to have a raft master who knows the river.

    Experience is not necessary not commercial rafting.

    Find level II rapids in any of our rivers.

    No safety kayak is necessary but we recommend to have one following the group.

  • Class III

    Moderate rapids that contains numerous waves, rocks, eddies and small holes. Injuries while rafting are very rare, self-rescue is easy. Level III rapidHowever safety kayak or cataract assistance may be required to avoid unnecessary swims.

    Suitable for people over 11 years old.

    Running these rapids is requiring a raft master with experience in maneuvering.

    Experience is not necessary for commercial white water.

    Safety kayak and a good raft master is recommended.

    Class IV

    Powerful and intense rapids that require precise boat maneuvering in rough waters. The rapids may have big, Level IVunavoidable holes and waves or tied channels and passages demanding quick response under pressure. Rapids may require obligatory moves in difficult situations. Self-rescue can be difficult. A safety kayak or cataract is necessary. We recommend having an experienced guide. You can find this level in almost all our white water rafting Peru tours.

    Find level IV rapids in the Apurimac rafting tours, the Urubamba rain forest section, and the Urubamba near Cusco during raining season (December to April).

    Suitable for people over 18 years old according the Rafting Peru – White Water Rules and Regulations.

    Previous experience is recommended.

  • Class V

    There are different kind of Level V rapids. Some have volume of water and some others not. The presence of undercuts, siphons and nastyLevel V hydraulics are evident. Level V is very difficult, obstructed, and turbulent rapids can be long or short. Rapids may contain big, unavoidable rocks, waves and holes, with complex and demanding channels. Requires very well maneuvering, excellent rafting gear suited for the situation.

    The Apurimac River has many level V rapids, the Urubamba River also offer V level rapids but only in raining season.

    Suitable for people over 18 years old according the Rafting Peru – Rules and Regulations.

    Previous experience is necessary.

    Class VI

    OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAClassified as non-runnable by any commercial rafters. Involves risk of life. If errors are made during running a level VI, the consequences are very severe and rescue may be in some cases impossible.

    Level VI can be found in the Apurimac River and the Urubamba in the section call Santa Teresa Aguas calientes.

    Not for commercial white water rafting.

    For teams of experts only.

    Level VI rapids are forbidden to raft under the Rafting Peru – Rules and regulations.