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  • Peru is one of the world’s most amazing places to expend your next vacation with your family, friend, partner or your love one. Our country is considered to be one of the most sacred, nature beauty, historical and adventurous places on the Earth. During the last 4 years our country wont many awards  including best culinary destination, most beautiful city and many more. With so much to offer Peru is the paradise for adventure and cultural activities.

    Select one of our exclusive Peru tour packages, decide to make your own itinerary, or let us assist you in customizing a cultural or adventure package that will perfectly suit your wishes.

  • Discover what Peru has to offer! From charming Andean cities, majestic Incan ancient cities, Amazon rain forest tours, culinary experiences and shopping,  to a wide variety of adventure activities and unique lodging opportunities for families, couple or groups. Everything you need to know about places in Peru is here!

    Coast: Lima, Nasca


    Capital of Peru was founded in 1535 by the Spanish conquistador Francisco Pizarro. Lima was considered the most beautiful city in America between the sixteenth and seventeenth century. Lima retains a colonial elegance mix with the modern mega city. The attractions are some  museums, colonial buildings and churches in the center, some important mansions in the suburbs of Barranco, Miraflores and San Isidro.  Adding some great restaurants and vibrant nightlife.


    Conserved by the dry climate and the hot sun, Nasca is probably best known for the famous lines, giant geoglyphs conserved by the dry climate and the hot sun scratched  into the surface of the vast desert plain. The drawings have been embedded with mystery and various theories. Were the lines created for religious purposes? for irrigation? As part of an astrological calendar? Or the wildest of all, was created by aliens as a extra-terrestrial landing strips?

    Whatever you believe enjoy this majestic lines in our Holidays in Peru – The full adventure tour package.

    Around the lines there are trapezoidal zones, strange symbols, and drawings of birds and animals and more that can only be visible from the sky.

    Andes: Arequipa, Puno, Lake Titicaca, Cusco, Sacred Valley, Machu Picchu


    Located in the Southern region of Peru between the Altiplano, the Andean Mountains and the pacific ocean. Its surrounded by mountains and impressive volcanos. Arequipa is Peru’s second most important city after the capital Lima, and the second most popular attractions among tourists after the Inca capital Cusco. Arequipa offers variety of activities including the well known Colca canyon (included in some of our Peru tour packages). Other activities such as trekking in the Misti volcano, mountain biking, rafting and city tours are also available.

    Find Arequipa included in Peru Tour – The Cultural Ride package.


    Located in the flat lands of the Altiplano between the shores of Lake Titicaca and the Andean mountains. The most common activities included in our Peru tour packages are one and two day trip in Lake Titicaca.

    Lake Titicaca

    There are a lot of comments around travelers that feel disappointed by their Lake Titicaca tour, because is to touristy or not authentic. After doing an exhausted research about how to take our clients away from tourist crowds we finally can offer less crowded tours for the best enjoyment of our clients.

    Connect with Peruvian mythology, culture, folklore and have a unique experience in the high Andean plateau of Peru. Spend one night with a local family in Ticonata island; learn more about their culture, cuisine, and their traditional way of life. Choose to enjoy this great experience in just one day with a guided tours to Uros Floating Islands (amazing handmade islands made using totora reeds from the lake) enjoying an easy hike into the hearth of the typical community and typical lunch with an outstanding view of the Lake.

    Find lake Titicaca trips in some of our Peru tours packages.


    Located into the Andes at 3350 meters sea level, considered the Capital of the Inca Empire in during the Incas time. Cusco is the first tourist destination that attract millions of tourist from all over the planet.

    Cusco city is included in all our Peru tour packages because offers well preserved colonial architecture, ancient Inca remains such as the impressive complex of Sacsayhuaman, the Cathedral, Qoricancha and enjoy the well known vibrant night life.

    Sacred Valley

    El Valle Sagrado de Los Incas (Sacred Valley of the Incas) is located northwest, only forty minutes from Cusco. The well known stretch of the Sacred Valley starts in Pisaq and end 70 miles in Ollantaytambo. Incomparably beautiful rugged mountain slopes, small villages, and ancient ruins spread across the valley mixes perfectly with the Urubamba River. The impressive Inca ruins of Pisac, Huchuy Qosqo, Moray, Salineras and Ollantaytambo (Included in our Peru tour packages) are astonishing architectural constructions not only in Peru, but also in the Americas.

    Jungle: Machu Picchu, Santa Teresa, Quillabamba, Amazon Jungle

    Machu Picchu

    Machu Picchu complex is located on a ridge between the Mountains in the rain forest at 2,430 meters – 7,970 feet above sea level on the southeastern slope of the Peruvian Andes with overlooks of the Urubamba River.

    The citadel’s excellent conservation, the quality of its architecture, and the breathtaking sceneries has made Machu Picchu one of the most famous archaeological sites in human history.

    Besides this exceptional natural richness, Machu Picchu is a combination of squares, terraces and temples in an amazingly harmonic with the environment.

    Machu Picchu is for sure included in all our tour packages around Peru and also in the Inca Trails and Machu Picchu tours.

    Santa Teresa

    Is located at only 6.5 km northwest of Machu Picchu and has become the second doorway to Machu Picchu. Several of our tours such as the Inca Jungle tour, The Salcantay trek and the Machu Picchu adventure will include one night in this place which is perfect to enjoy and relax in the hot thermal springs of Cocalmayo.

    Find packages including this place in our Machu Picchu tours.


    Welcome to the rain forest! Only 4 hours away from the cold Andean mountains is located Quillabamba a tropical town in the jungle. With temperatures that goes up to 35 degrees and with rivers such as the Urubamba, Yanatile and Yavero. Quillabamba is the perfect choice for our Rafting Cusco tours because the Urubamba river offers this activities for all tastes and levels.

    Find also Quillabamba in our packages such as,

    Inca Jungle tour(3 days).

    Inca Jungle tour (4 days).

    Amazon Jungle – Tambopata

    Travelers to Peru are constantly asking if there is a possibility to add Jungle tours involving adventure activities such as rafting, stand up paddling etc. With more than 518,921 acre of Amazon jungle the Tambopata and Manu are one of the most biologically diverse habitats in the world. River explores makes sure that every client fully enjoys the activities involving this territory.

    Enjoy the Amazon jungle that is included in some of our Peru tour packages or immerse into the Jungle with our Tambopata rafting tour, a unique trip designed for real explorers.

  • Our fun–filled guided tours include hotels, meals, transportation, entrance fees to sites,  private guide service, transfers etc etc.

    Flights - Private and Public transport - Tourist and trains transport


    Peru is a vast country with 1,285,215 sq. km – 496,095 sq. miles, and is divided into 3 specific geographical regions; the Coast, The Andes (Sierra) and Jungle, this in turn are subdivided in 8 natural regions. To cover all these places we use different kind of transportation such as airplanes, buses, motor boats, trains and in some cases moto-taxis. All transport tickets are included in our tour packages to provide the best service possible.

    Internal flight tickets:

    All internal flights inside Peru after your arrival to Lima are included in the price. The airlines that we use are Peruvian airlines, Avianca, Star Peru and Lan Peru.

    Round-trip private transportation

    Our transport are new vehicles such as 4×4, vans, buses and taxis . For Machu Picchu tours and Inca trail trips we use tourist van and buses. From and to Aguas Calientes (Town below Machu Picchu) we offer the Expedition train for our shared and standard tour services, the Vista dome train for our private tour services and the Hiram Bingham for our luxury tours.

    Public transportation

    Peru is a vast country with coasts, Andes, deserts and jungles. The use of public transportation is in some cases necessary to cover long distances. The best, safe and most recommend bus company is Cruz del Sur. This is the only and exclusive transportation that we use when travelling from Lima to Nazca or Arequipa.

    Tourist transportation

    The only transportation available for travelers are tourist buses when visiting archaeological sites. This is a luxury service available only between Puno-  Cusco – Puno. Is included in this service buffet lunch, beverages and English speaking guide who explains about the different sites visited briefly along the road. In fact this service is included in some of our Peru tour packages.

    Between Arequipa – Puno, Puno Chivay and Chivay – Arequipa we use 4m, another tourist bus company who offer services including beverages box-lunch and English speaking guide.

    Tour guides - Meals - Transfers

    Tour guide

    Our Peru tour packages includes the service of an experience and knowledge private guides. Out tours are specifically designed for groups of 2 to 12 people who want to enjoy the different regions of Peru. Our guides are university and tourism school graduates with degree in tourism. They are certified in Wilderness First Responder, Red Cross first aid advanced courses, Swift Water Rescue level III and they are trained in safety and wilderness education; providing a profound understanding of our culture, customs, history and geography more than anyone else.


    All breakfast, some lunches and  some dinners are also included in the tour packages. For more information look the packages itineraries or contact us.


    Transfers inside Peru after your arrival are also included in the price. Our assistant will be waiting for your arrival at every bus terminal, train station, airport, river or lake port with your name writing on the board.


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