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  • The Urubamba River is another affluent of the Amazon River. This winding, swift river with its narrow gorges crosses important areas of the Andes and Jungle. River Explorers, promises you Urubamba River rafting adventures fulfilled with exhilarating rapids, relaxation camps and pools, astonishing scenery, best river guides, delicious food, amazing sunsets, fun and safe navigation river system and an experience of a life time.

    Whether you are looking for a short or multi day River rafting tour near Machu Picchu, Sacred Valley, the Upper or the lower rain forest section on the Urubamba River, look no further – here is River Explorers, the only outfitter filled with rafting options with more than 10 different sections to choose on the Urubamba River.

  • The Urubamba River rises in La Raya near Puno region up in the Andes. It flows thorough different Andean  towns including the Sacred Valle, Machu Pichu and Quillabamba. This river offers fantastic white water rafting for all levels of experience. Adult groups, families, scouts, camps and individuals enjoy rafting year after year. Along his way the river takes different names according the location where it enters. The name upper Urubamba corresponds to the towns between Sicuani and Urcos. Vilcanota is a name that is giving between Urcos and Santa Teresa. Alto Urubamba or Rain forest between Santa Teresa to the Amazon Jungle. Subsequently each of these names are divided into different sections suitable for rafting adventures in Cusco region.

    The Upper Urubamba section

    Upper Urubamba

    The volume and rocky underground of the upper Urubamba River, provides ideal conditions for recreational and adventure activities for rafting in Cusco region. River Explorers operate seasonal trips on the Urubamba River.  Rafting in the Urubamba River varies depending on the section you choose to navigate, the time of year and the season. However, the upper sections is open all year long for rafting activities.


    The Chuquicahuana section is the favorite white water rafting on the Urubamba River for our river guides during winter. From the put-in at Llocllora (3400 m – 11155 ft.) to the take-out at Quiquijana, 18 km – 11 miles down river, the Chuquicahuana descends  in such as short distance 200 m – 555 feet. The run takes us through small villages, farm lands and heard of sheep along with eucalyptus mountain hillsides, and finally between the Chuquicahuan gorge, the biggest portion on the Urubamba River. There are plenty of rapids such as Lllocllora, The Knife, The Siphon, Butterfly, Hawaii Bombay, Stone Mortar and many more making the Chuquicahuana a first star white water rafting in Cusco, Peru and Possibly South America. At the beginning, the river is gentle with small rapids perfect to practice before entering the big rapids. The river then transforms into a monster with constant rapids full of massive holes and waves. Structured river navigation system is advice to avoid accidents. Chuquicahuana is only for people with previous rafting experience. Check for rates and details. After this thrilling adventure, a home made lunch will be waiting for us at the end of the tour with hot beverages, main course, salad, fruit and much more.

    During dry season Chuquicahuana is the only available section for Urubamba rafting trips. The scenery transforms from green to multicolored yellow and green grassy mountains and from rainy to sunny days, typical during dry season. The adventure is accompanied with constant technical rapids, with rocks, small waves and holes that needs good maneuvering. The rapids are mixed with small pool sections in between perfect for small swims and  jumps from rocks and cliffs.


    The Quiquijana is one of Urubamba’s most commercial section during rainy season. Crossing the Mountain walls  we traverse important tows with Andean crops of corn and herd of sheep and cows farms. The river tour past rapids with waves and holes in swift Class II-III and III+ white water rapids. The Siphon, Colorado, Breach, Quiquijana, and the Giants are awesome fun rapids. As soon as the rafting starts the Urubamba River welcome us with fast flowing water and rapids. Progressively the rapids difficulty intensify as we enter into the Quiquijana gorge which is the biggest portion of the Quiquijana section. This section is suitable for first timers with good fitness level, intermediate rafters and can also satisfy advanced boaters.

    Urcos – Piñipampa

    The Urubamba River valley open as it enter to Urcos and Piñipampa tows. This section is a mix of rapids with fast water current and one of the most scenic stretch of the Urubamba River. The run starts at the little town of Urcos and runs for 12 km – 7.5 miles down to Huambutio. The river in this section flows through small islands and channels. The river then enters a series of gorges with excellent level II and III rapids perfect for beginners, family and school groups.

    Looking for something more exciting, look at the Apurimac rafting trips. Note that this river is only open from May to November

  • Season

    The Andes, because the Pacific Ocean and the Amazon Jungle have two distinctive season along the year, the rainy and dry season. The dry season is the  longer period of the year, while in the rest of south America is winter in the Andes is sunny days with nice blue sky with cold mornings and evenings. The dry season last from May to October with a little variation with rains during spring (September to December). During this period, the river offers great section for advanced, beginners and first timers boaters.

    The rainy season ranges between December to April. January and February are the months with most rain fall during the year. While in dry season rafting in Cusco is open commercially for all rivers, the Alto Urubamba or rain forest section is closed during rainy season, the increase of volume of water makes this section unsafe for commercial rafting. However, the upper Urubamba comes back to life with spectacular white water rafting offering different sections suitable for advanced, beginners and first time boaters during rainy season.